Flexible Work

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Core Principles

Flexible work at Cornell is guided by a core set of principles.


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Types of Arrangements

Alternative work schedules, hybrid and remote work agreements, compressed work schedules, job sharing, and occasional use flexibility

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The Request Process

Learn how to propose and submit a flex request for your supervisor’s consideration


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Employee Expectations

University Policies, Security, Work Hours, Time Off


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Equipment & Workspace

Standard Equipment, Office Supplies, Ergonomics

Home Office

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Managing Remote Teams

Focus on Outcomes, Build Trust, Communicate Effectively, Increase Transparency, Support Your Team, Lead Equitably

Managing Others

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Working Outside New York State

Temporary Arrangements, Changing Permanent Residence, New Hires, Working From Another Country

Outside NYS

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Support & Self Care

Wellbeing Resources, Parenting and Caregiving Information,  Benefits


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COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

More on-campus operations will return to normal over the coming months in anticipation of a fully in-person fall semester beginning in August.

COVID-19 Guidance

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Tips for making workspaces sustainable, including how to save money at home.

Sustainability Tips

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Hybrid Work Gatherings

Tips for planning combined in-person and remote meetings and events.

Hybrid Gathering Tips

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Shared Hoteling Space

Guidance for using on-campus hoteling spaces and encouraging employee participation.

Shared Hoteling Space