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March 1 is Employee Appreciation Day! Let a colleague know you appreciate them - send a special Employee Appreciation Day message through the Appreciation Portal!

HR Vision and Priorities

We're focused on creating an ideal workplace for our employees.

Our Vision

The best staff and faculty in the world choose Cornell.

Our Mission

To collectively support an environment of inclusive excellence in scholarship where students, staff and faculty of Cornell learn, work and live as a community.

Our HR Community Structure

The HR Community includes members from both the centralized Division of the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, and the Human Resources departments dedicated to the colleges and units. This dual organizational structure provides our HR Community with a vast breadth 0f information about our workforce, and enables us to share knowledge and expertise to make decisions and implement initiatives that are in the best interest of our large, varied, population.

Our Pillars, Priorities, and Projects

Our Human Resources work is anchored by four pillars – Belonging, Effectiveness, Stewardship, and Talent – which we recognize as central to an ideal workplace for our employees. These pillars in turn, serve as the cornerstone for our annual priorities and projects.

diagram spelling the word "Best" above 4 classical pillars: B = Belonging, E = Effectiveness, S = Stewardship, T = Talent


Increase the genuine sense of belonging of employees and retirees to Cornell

We are committed to embedding "One Cornell" in our workforce culture, and creating a workplace that allows all of us to be our best, most authentic, self. 


Enhance effectiveness of systems, technology, policies, procedures, and communications

We are committed to continuous improvement and thinking big in order to shrink roadblocks and make life easier for our employees. 


Serve as responsible stewards of the university’s resources

We are committed to exercising fiduciary responsibility in our service-centered environment.


Foster individual and organizational advancement through talent recruitment, development, and recognition strategies

We are committed to the career and overall satisfaction of our workforce, through opportunities for growth, recognition, and engagement.