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Resources to support your wellbeing and those you care about.

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Newsletter updates full of useful tips and resources for self-care, remote work, caregiving, financial wellbeing, and more. 

Employee Wellbeing Update

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Browse this overview of programs and services to support all the dimensions of your wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Relationships, Financial, Cultural, Environmental, and Occupational. You can also download a convenient booklet to print or save on your computer.

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Join a supportive community of Cornell colleagues using Microsoft Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) to share tips and conversations around wellbeing.

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 About Wellbeing at Cornell

Wellbeing is a multifaceted and continually changing process. 

multicolored circular diagram "Employee Wellbeing at Cornell" incorporating icons for mental, relationships, physical, cultural, environmental, occupational, financial.

Your ability to thrive at work, at home, and beyond is interconnected with all the dimensions of your wellbeing: mental, physical, relationships, cultural, environmental, occupational, and financial.

Cornell invests in a wide range of benefits, programs, and services to support employee wellbeing. Refer to the Employee Wellbeing at Cornell Resources Guide booklet to browse for university and community resources organized by wellbeing dimension.

Cornell University formally adopted the Okanagan Charter to become a Health-Promoting Campus, working to transform the health and sustainability of our current and future societies, strengthen communities, and contribute to the well-being of people, places, and the planet. Learn more about the Okanagan Charter.

Video Transcript

00:00:00,120 --> 00:00:04,160
[Christine] I think what it means to be a health 
promoting campus is for us to really  

00:00:04,160 --> 00:00:07,760
set an environment where that promotes health and  

00:00:07,760 --> 00:00:14,149
wellbeing amongst all of our faculty and 
staff and students. Um... it changes the culture.

00:00:19,409 --> 00:00:22,988
[Avery] What does it mean to be a health 
promoting campus or university, it's a great question.

00:00:22,988 --> 00:00:29,020
[Julie] It means looking at the systems and the 
structures and the settings here at Cornell.

00:00:29,020 --> 00:00:34,880
[Michelle] The policies that we have in place to help people 
thrive. [Aaron] It's not just an add-on it's 'not maybe  

00:00:34,880 --> 00:00:41,480
you do this'. It means you... you feel it in small 
ways everywhere. [Christine] And we make sure that we have a  

00:00:41,480 --> 00:00:48,080
place where folks feel like they can take care 
of themselves. [Avery] We exist to support students. As  

00:00:48,080 --> 00:00:52,708
faculty and staff um... we're not able to do that 
unless we're our best selves.  

00:00:52,708 --> 00:01:00,040
[Cortney] I think it's as simple as a campus that supports structures that promote wellbeing for everyone there;  

00:01:00,040 --> 00:01:06,292
students, staff and faculty. [Avery] And what that means is 
not just physical best selves, but... but mentally as well.

00:01:06,292 --> 00:01:11,120
[Michelle] It's also about seeking to understand how 
people interact with those systems and those  

00:01:11,120 --> 00:01:16,080
policies to understand their impact. [Julie] And the 
ways that we can improve upon things so that  

00:01:16,080 --> 00:01:21,640
we are supporting holistic health and wellbeing 
for everyone. [Aaron] Through, through colleagues, you see  

00:01:21,640 --> 00:01:28,080
it through leadership, um you feel it. [Michelle] And how 
the wellbeing of one population impacts the  

00:01:28,080 --> 00:01:33,120
wellbeing of another. [Avery] We need to bring um... you 
know, the best parts of us to our classrooms and  

00:01:33,120 --> 00:01:37,760
to our engagements with the students. And so when 
I think about a Health Promoting Campus I think  

00:01:37,760 --> 00:01:43,120
about how do we support our faculty and staff 
so that they can do that. [Ryan] For me this commitment  

00:01:43,120 --> 00:01:48,360
is foundational to making sure we always stay focused on that in all of our decisions, all of  

00:01:48,360 --> 00:01:53,040
our policies and all the ways we think about 
supporting this campus holistically.

Video Transcript

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:04,040
[Martha] Health and wellbeing is 
foundational for academic and life  

00:00:04,040 --> 00:00:09,360
success. Cornell's formal adoption 
of the Okanagan Charter builds on  

00:00:09,360 --> 00:00:13,430
our long-standing commitment 
to become a Health Promoting University.

00:00:17,535 --> 00:00:21,960
[Kathryn] One of the most important things that 
Cornell University has done recently is to sign  

00:00:21,960 --> 00:00:29,360
the Okanagan Charter, which really declares our 
commitment to being a Health Promoting Campus. 

00:00:29,360 --> 00:00:36,160
[Martha] This commitment advances in a systemic, sustainable 
way the spirit of the student mental health review,  

00:00:36,160 --> 00:00:41,480
priorities for faculty and staff wellbeing 
and ways we support the wellbeing of our  

00:00:41,480 --> 00:00:46,680
built environment and our planet. [Michelle] I am so proud 
that Cornell University has signed the Okanagan  

00:00:46,680 --> 00:00:53,520
Charter and committed to doing this work for all 
constituencies at the University in a unified way.  

00:00:53,520 --> 00:01:01,000
[Lisa] It is an important signal of our commitment as 
a campus to really paying close attention to the  

00:01:01,000 --> 00:01:07,280
ways that we promote thriving and wellbeing in 
all that we do. [Ryan] This commitment is foundational  

00:01:07,280 --> 00:01:12,800
to making sure we always stay focused on that 
in all of our decisions, all of our policies  

00:01:12,800 --> 00:01:17,440
and all the ways we think about supporting this 
campus holistically. [Kathryn] A Health Promoting Campus  

00:01:17,440 --> 00:01:24,280
means that the campus supports everyone, not only 
individually, but also importantly, collectively,

00:01:24,280 --> 00:01:30,920
in terms of achieving a feeling of wellbeing, a 
sense of.. of healthiness across the entire campus.  

00:01:30,920 --> 00:01:38,056
Not just for individuals but for the entire set 
of constituents as well as for our campus itself.


Video Transcript

00:00:00,160 --> 00:00:03,800
[Michelle] Remember that when we're fatigued and overwhelmed, our productivity  

00:00:03,800 --> 00:00:08,880
is hindered. It takes us longer to accomplish the things that we want to accomplish. So this  

00:00:08,880 --> 00:00:14,853
becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, where we're working more hours but they're less effective hours.

00:00:19,804 --> 00:00:25,920
[Julie] I find that it is most impactful for me in supporting my wellbeing if what I'm doing  

00:00:25,920 --> 00:00:31,360
not only fills my cup but also is meaningful to me, and perhaps even meaningful to other people.  

00:00:31,360 --> 00:00:40,760
[Lisa] Be generous to yourself, and be generous to others. Don't beat yourself up... right um... it's so easy to do  

00:00:40,760 --> 00:00:48,760
but we have a choice in how we respond to things that happen. And when we have that choice to focus  

00:00:48,760 --> 00:00:54,920
on the positive uh... and be optimistic I think that makes a really big difference. [Aaron] I mentioned I run.  

00:00:54,920 --> 00:01:01,040
sometimes I will just sign up for a race, it's not about I... I expect to win and something but  

00:01:01,040 --> 00:01:06,320
it's just I'm going to work toward some goal, for myself. [Ten] It's important to me to be able to like,  

00:01:06,320 --> 00:01:14,200
live in my space. I have a cubical, you know, it's not an office but it's... it's me. Which is a little  

00:01:14,200 --> 00:01:19,480
thing but it's so important. [Travis] Stay active. I think it's a really good thing, you know, whether it's  

00:01:19,480 --> 00:01:25,800
walking or just doing different activities [Ten] Try to, especially on Cornell, make sure to be getting out  

00:01:25,800 --> 00:01:31,480
and getting a walk, and seeing all of the beautiful landscaping. [Travis] Not just just physical wellbeing but  

00:01:31,480 --> 00:01:37,520
mental wellbeing, you know, talking to others. Just having general conversations outside of work.  

00:01:37,520 --> 00:01:41,560
I think just makes it more natural and, you know, less stressful when you can talk about  

00:01:41,560 --> 00:01:48,040
other things rather than just work all the time. [Christine] I definitely want to encourage everyone to take care  

00:01:48,040 --> 00:01:55,680
of themselves and don't be afraid to ask for some help if you need it. If you're struggling reach out  

00:01:55,680 --> 00:02:02,280
to someone, we have a lot of resources here at the university that are available to you. So my advice  

00:02:02,280 --> 00:02:09,640
is to seek out what's available tap into those resources. Check in, talk to someone if you need  

00:02:09,640 --> 00:02:18,070
to. Take a pause if you need to, do that. Do whatever it takes but prioritize your own sense of wellbeing.