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Transportation Accommodations

Faculty, staff and visitors may qualify for accessible transportation options to accommodate temporary or long-term medical conditions.

Short-Term Accessible Parking Permits

Short-term permits for up to two months can be issued at the direction of a medical professional. Cornell Transportation Services will issue these permits at no charge for general accessible parking spaces across campus.

Long-Term Accessible Parking Permits

Faculty and staff members needing longer-term accessible parking must obtain a municipal placard from the town/municipal clerk of their places of residence, or accessibility license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles (Department of Motor Vehicles Accessible Permit Application Form).

With this identification, there are a variety of long-term accessible parking options. Note that the process does not automatically grant a permit that allows you to park next to your workplace, but works to determine the most reasonable transportation accommodation for you.

Maternity Accommodations

Transportation Services provides a discounted parking accommodation to students, staff, and faculty who are in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy and to new mothers who are breastfeeding.

Inclement Weather

Cornell offers an inclement weather accessibility program for faculty and staff with short or long-term mobility impairments who have difficulty getting to or around their worksite during inclement weather.