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Balancing work and personal issues can be challenging. The university offers free, confidential counseling services, regardless of whether you have medical coverage through Cornell.

eni Confidential Counseling Services

eni Confidential Counseling Services provides services to Cornell faculty, staff and family members at no cost for up to three visits. The program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any issues, regardless of whether you have medical coverage.

Licensed mental health professionals provide counseling in person or over the phone for various work and life stressors related to marital, family, substance abuse, depression, stress, grief, health, and more. Your confidential counselor will ask a series of questions, including your name and identification, and perform a structured assessment of your situation to determine the best level of care.

You may be able to resolve your issue during this phone call or be referred to a counselor in your area. eni locates the most appropriate counselor for your needs and comfort level in coordination with your medical coverage plan.

To reach a Confidential Counselor 24/7, call the toll-free number: 1(800) 327-2255.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

FSAP's professional staff offers free and confidential guidance and support to benefits-eligible employees and their partners to address issues that may be affecting their personal lives and/or job satisfaction or performance.

Urgent phone consultation available evenings and weekends by calling 607 255-2673 (5-COPE). 

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Health Insurance Plans


Aetna  offers Telemedicine, Teladoc, and Teletherapy for members.

Update Effective 6/1/2020:

Aetna continues to cover services at 100% (in-network) related to Covid19 Telemedicine and/or outpatient Behavioral & Mental Health Telemedicine. 

Telemedicine services other than Covid19 and/or Behavioral Health revert to normal co-payments/coinsurance, based on medical necessity and participating provider network:

  • Telemedicine: Existing physician relationships, contact your current medical or mental health provider to see if telephonic or tele-video services would be an option for you or go to to find an Aetna telemedicine provider. 
  • Teladoc: Aetna’s doctors diagnose, treat and prescribe Rx for non-emergency conditions virtually via telephone, web interface or mobile app. Members must pre-register first at
  • For new and/or non-existing mental or behavioral provider relationship, call the Aetna dedicated behavioral health line at 800-424-4047 (TTY: 711) for help finding providers, confirming availability, confirming in-person or tele-therapy services, etc.
  • For Teladoc Behavioral Health (nation-wide), you must first register at, then call 855-835-2362 to schedule a video consultation with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed counselor. These providers may not be local providers but may be for short- or long-term counseling. Must be age 18+.  Note: As of 3/1/2021 Teladoc’s system requires a copayment. You will be required to pay Teladoc and Aetna will refund the copayment directly to you. To request reimbursement: Complete, sign and date an Aetna claim form. Mail the claim form along with your Teladoc receipt to the address on the back of your Aetna ID card (retain copies for your records). Please allow 30 days for processing.

Contract College


Empire offers LiveHealth Online to allow you to access care on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, with a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist. A $25 copay applies for in-network providers.  If using out-of-network providers, reimbursement is 80% of reasonable and customary charges after deductible. Empire does not maintain a list of providers who have agreed to offer telehealth, but you can speak to your provider to see if they offer telehealth services. To register for LiveHealth Online, go to to access and enter your Empire Plan identification number and name exactly as they appear on your identification card.  This will ensure you and your covered dependents receive care, free of charge.


HMO-Blue CNY offers MDLive to allow you to access care on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, with a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist. A $25 copay applies for in-network providers. Instructions on how to register for MDLive and schedule a visit can be found at


MVP offers myVisitNow to allow you to access care on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, using in-network providers, with a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist. A $25 copay applies for in-network providers. To register, log in at, and choose My Account.