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Brand Survey

The Cornell internal brand survey is administered to a random sample of staff and bargaining unit employees and focuses on their perceptions of Cornell’s performance in aspects of the workplace identified as most important to them.

The following findings are based upon 250+ respondents who completed the most recently administered Brand Survey in April 2022.


What makes Cornell unique as an employer

Most frequently noted in respondents’ own words:

  • Job security/financial stability
  • Benefits and perks
  • Opportunities to connect with students and/or be involved in research
  •  Work that is meaningful

Most important workplace attributes

  • Managers: Over 90% of survey respondents indicated that a manager they could trust; a manager who valued their perspectives/input; and job security were very important or a “deal breaker without it” in their consideration of where to work.
  • Heathy Work/Life Integration: Eighty-eight percent stated that a workplace that supports a healthy work/life integration was very important or a deal breaker without it.  
  • When asked to evaluate Cornell’s performance in each of these areas, 95% indicated Cornell performed well in terms of job security; 86% said Cornell performed well regarding managers they could trust and who valued their perspectives/ input; and 84% felt Cornell performed well as a workplace that supports a healthy work/life integration.


How we're addressing these insights

  • We are launching a new set of manager competencies and programs in recognition of the critical role these people leaders play in employee experience.
  • Cornell recently signed the Okanagan Charter, committing to efforts to promote a healthy campus. To specifically address this important aspect of employee experience, a Workforce Well-being Core Advisory Group will focus on identifying and implementing initiatives.