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Workforce Affinity Groups (WAGs)

Workforce Affinity Groups (WAGs) are employee-run communities using the Viva Engage platform to connect faculty and staff across Cornell.

working at cornell WAGs: workforce affiliation groups

  • Meet Cornell colleagues who share your interests!
  • Make new friends and connections!
  • Find community with colleagues even if you're working remote or hybrid

What is a WAG?

Workforce Affinity Groups (WAGS) use the Viva Engage platform (formerly Microsoft Yammer) to create social networks among Cornell employees with shared interests. For example, you might create a book club, gardening group, find fishing enthusiasts - the possibilities are endless! Share resources, news, discussions, and more. 

How it works

Viva Engage is a social media platform that functions similarly to Facebook or Instagram. All Cornell employees have access to Microsoft Teams via MS Office  online, via smart device app, or downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer. The Cornell University Viva Engage app is limited to current Cornell employees, so posts and information can only be seen by other Cornell staff or faculty. Viva Engage integrates with MS Teams so that WAG groups can share documents, photos and messages.

Want to create a WAG?

Any Cornell employee can create a WAG! 

  1. Know what's expected

    While WAGs are informal communities, there are some important expectations and guidelines. Make sure to review the guidelines before you submit an application!

    WAG Guidelines

  2. Submit an application

    You'll need to identify a lead and co-lead, a proposed name for your WAG, and some ideas about your WAG's purpose and activities.

    WAG Application