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Military Leave


For Military Exigency: 26 weeks for full time, or 175 days worked for part time. 

For Military Caregiver: one year employment, at least 1,250 hours worked.

Request Leave

If the need for the leave is foreseeable, please request the leave from your supervisor at least 30 days in advance.

Medical Leaves Administration will review your eligibility and send you an eligibility determination upon receipt of your leave request. We will also send you a Certification of Qualifying Exigency form, or a Certification for a Serious injury of illness for Military Caregiver Leave.

To be approved for Military Caregiver or Military Exigency Leave, you will be required to furnish one of the completed forms to our office for review. You must return the Certification form within 15 calendar days of the date of your tentative leave approval letter.

You may be required to provide periodic recertification during the leave. Cornell may seek an additional medical opinion regarding your request for Leave. Any approved Leave will be counted against your annual Federal Family Medical Leave Act requirement of 12 weeks of unpaid leave for Qualifying Exigency or 26 weeks for Military Family Leave.

You may elect to supplement your leave with pay from accruals such as vacation and available sick leave accruals appropriate to this use. See policy 6.9 “Time Away From Work.”

Your Benefits

While you are receiving supplemental pay on leave, your benefit program deductions from pay will continue. If you do not supplement your leave with pay from accruals, you will be billed for your benefit program premiums. Caution: nonpayment of premiums can result in the cancellation of your Cornell health insurance or other programs.

While on Leave

You should maintain periodic contact with your department. Please discuss the frequency of this contact with your supervisor.