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Welcome to the new People Leaders area!

Why the name change?

The evolution from Managers to People Leaders here reflects an advancement in our workplace philosophy. The words "manager" and "supervisor" aren't being eliminated.

People Leaders is a way of literally putting people first.

It's a reminder that leadership is inherently about people. And as leaders, the way we put people first is by finding the best ways to empower and support them, so that they, in turn, can contribute to making Cornell University the best we can be.

Take a look around the new, expanded content to support your efforts as a People Leader at Cornell:

  • "Understand Cornell" features clarification about the expectations of managers at Cornell, and how our workplace functions.
  • "Hiring & Transitions" brings together all the resources supervisors need to help streamline one of the most crucial tasks as a people leader.
  • "Employee Engagement" is a compilation of resources tailored just for managers to help support and empower your staff to be their best.
  • "Leader & Team Development" features programs to help you be your best - including training and communications.
  • "Workday" provides all the how-to help and job aids that people leaders need to get the most from Workday's powerful tools.

Toolkits for People Leaders:  a convenient collection of guides and resources created just for people leaders at Cornell.

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Training For Supervisors

Whether you're already a supervisor, have recently become a supervisor, or wish to move into a supervisory role at Cornell, we offer a broad range of training opportunities to advance and hone your skills.

Supervisor Training

Recognizing Your Staff

It's easy and meaningful to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of employees for their work every day, as well as after the completion of projects both large and small. From the Appreciation Portal to University award programs, there are many ways to say "thanks!"

Recognition Ideas