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Job Titles and Pay Structure


Cornell has approximately 700 staff job profiles that are organized into 15 job families (for example, academic support, finance, IT, student support, health) across 9 pay bands (A through I). Each staff position is placed into a job profile classification within this structure based on the required qualifications and complexity of work.

Job Families

These generic job title summaries are intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and levels of work complexity that will be required of positions classified to any of these titles and are not intended to be construed as declaring the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. The use of particular expressions or illustrations describing functions within a specific job title does not exclude other duties of a similar kind and/or level of complexity. Positions are classified to a particular job title based upon the predominant level of expected work complexity. A position that is classified into exempt titles and bands must meet the Cornell requirements for exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Generic Job Title Summaries

Academic Support 

The Academic Support job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: plan, implement and instruct clients on educational programs, prepare, teach and evaluate lesson plans, conduct laboratory research, consult with faculty and investigators to ascertain needs and follow through with designs, modifications or purchases, perform research data collection, prepare verification, analysis and database management and write research reports.


The Administration job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: provide administrative support including draft correspondences, set up filing systems and spreadsheets, coordinate and schedule travel plans, assist with budgets and human resource and financial processes, respond to internal and external inquiries regarding policies and procedures, administer and manage business and administrative operations, manage staff, formulate practices and guidelines for department activities and budgets, produce, edit and market educational videotapes and technical productions, deliver strategic development, direction and implementation of all business operations and financial policies, practices and procedures, direct and shape the culture/climate by cultivating and facilitating effective relationships among internal and external constituencies to achieve objectives and other duties that cover sales and marketing, purchasing and government affairs.

Alumni Affairs & Development

The Alumni Affairs & Development job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: implement a variety of alumni programs and events at reunion, homecoming and other on-campus activities, build and strengthen key relationships of significant importance to the university, implement individual giving solicitation programs, represent the university to a variety of constituencies which include alumni, friends, and corporations and foundations, and administer trusts and estates where Cornell is the beneficiary.

Athletics & Physical Education

The Athletics & Physical Education job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: recruit prospective athletes, lead practices, direct team training and skills development, coach student athletes, provide professional physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment to athletes, design, implement and evaluate PE classes and act as liaison with Ivy League and NCAA Officers.

Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services job family consists of a variety of support work such as, but not limited to: restaurant support services, stockkeeping, bookstore sales clerk, interact with store customers to answer questions, receive orders and research problems, support theatrical productions, interpreter/transcript services for the classroom, meetings and non-classroom matters, and provide interpreter services for special events.


The Communications/Marketing job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: provide graphic design for publications and presentations, develop communication and brand management strategies, write and produce publications and promotional materials, prepare classrooms with proper audio/visual equipment, set up and operate video, lighting, and computer video editing equipment, edit broadcasts, educational programs, brochures, monographs, working papers and lectures, develop, produce and direct videotape and radio programs, solicit and evaluate manuscripts and manuscript proposals, and review copies of new books and write press releases.

Facilities & Safety Services

The Facilities & Safety Services job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: coordinate with faculty and staff to set up and arrange furniture for special events, responsible for access to buildings, develop drawings and maps using software or hand drawing methods, design and prepare mechanical drawings of machines and machine components, manage construction projects, assist, coordinate, and prepare reviews of cost estimates, specifications, drawings and construction documents for projects related to new construction, repairs or alterations, perform radiation exposure surveys and inspections, monitor compliance with federal, state and University policies, regulations and laws, and oversee construction and renovation of projects, moves, building security and inventory control.


The Finance/Budget/Planning job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: prepare purchase orders, assist with audits, reconcile accounts, process journal transactions, act as procurement card coordinator, develop and forecast budgets, develop and implement short and long range strategic plans for financial operations, and work that covers financial reporting and analysis, real estate, investments, treasury, institutional planning and research and payroll.


Human Resources

The Human Resources job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: support local hiring processes and applicant management tracking, deliver HR services through transactional, analytical and/or data manipulation, perform generalist responsibilities including staffing, classification, compensation, training and employee relations, support the delivery of HR programs in areas of supervisory training, performance management and academic HR, develop and implement effective HR administration strategies for the college/unit for staff and faculty in concert with University policy, practice and objectives, design and implement the operation of the college/unit HR office, establish positions and HR service structure, assign responsibilities, direct HR staff in the local HR office, select, manage performance, development and rewards for HR staff, develop and manage HR budget and resource allocations, establish service standards and provide programmatic consultation, analytical support in a functional HR subject matter specialty areas such as Recruitment, Compensation, Labor Relations, Workforce Diversity, Organizational Development, Benefits, etc.

Inclusion & Belonging

The Inclusion and Belonging job family generally consists of work that increases a sense of belonging by supporting a culture where employees with different backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences can thrive in an environment of respect and feel empowered to engage in any community conversation. Ensures adherence to relevant regulations and responds to incidents and reports of bias, harassment, or discrimination.

Information Technology

The Information Technology job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: install hardware and software, diagnose and repair computer problems, perform data and information analysis, install and configure networks, voice, data and video hardware, assist in and/or perform the design, development, modification and/or maintenance of systems software, provide consultation, advising, training, documentation and evaluation regarding info tech systems, products, and services, and advise, teach, and provide guidance and support in the use and selection of systems, products and services. Design, code, test, debug, develop tools and document and maintain programs, systems or web applications.


The Library/Museum job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: provide reference services, search local and national databases for specialized collections, perform conservation treatments on books, assist with moving art pieces around campus, monitor stack space needs, plan collection moves and shift materials as needed, solve problems related to the circulation of materials, treatment of reserve items, missing items or filing/shelving of specialized materials, responsible for museum education programs, coordinate installation process between curators, artists and prep staff, plan and schedule exhibitions for collections and assist in collection development activities including selection, donor relations, ordering and placement of materials.

Student Services

The Student Services job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: provide day to day supervision of live in student resident advisors, establish and maintain a positive community that supports and enhances the educational mission of the University through developmental programs, personal student contacts and foster faculty student interaction, and advise and counsel students regarding admissions, financial aid, etc.


The Technical job family generally consists of work such as, but not limited to: support academic research, prepare research matter for experimentation, provide assistance in manipulating, computing and analyzing data using statistical software to evaluate experimentation, provide training to a laboratory academic section in lab techniques, instruments, methods and procedures, support effective operation of electronic and mechanical technical equipment, evaluate risks associate with materials and systems such as chemicals, radioactive materials, asbestos and injury investigations, conduct environmental health and safety inspections and surveys, troubleshoot, repair, modify various components in a research facility using hand tools, shop tools, chemicals, heavy equipment and high voltage equipment.