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Commencement: Community members are encouraged to avoid driving on campus if possible May 25-28. Alternatives to parking on campus include using a park-and-ride, working remotely (if approved to do so), sharing the ride, taking transit, or cycling or walking to campus. More details: parking & road closures.

Your Cornell Career

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Cornell as an institution is dedicated to cultivating and sharing knowledge. As a member of the Cornell community, you've got support to learn new skills and develop your potential.

At Cornell, we believe that career management is a 60-20-20 split between you, the employee, the university, and your people leader. We provide the right environment, tools, and resources, and you provide the initiative.

Work your best, grow your career, or try something new - explore these career development resources to make your aspirations a reality.

Career Success Center

Mentoring, gigs, and innovative tools and resources to grow your career.

Learning Opportunities

Development workshops, skills training, and continuing education opportunities.

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Performance Dialogues

Learn about Cornell's Skills for Success and the performance dialogue process.


It's never too early to start planning for retirement. Learn about retirement savings, phased retirement options, and what to do if you're ready to retire.


Moving On

Moving on is part of your career, too. Here's what you need to know about benefits, transitions planning, and Cornell policy if you're leaving the university.

Leaving Cornell