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Request A Flexible Work Arrangement

What to know about requesting remote work and alternative scheduling options.

How To Request A Flexible Work Arrangement

  1. Know The Basics

    Before you go to your manager, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the flex work basics:

    Flexible Work Offerings

    • Expectations: Understand limitations, core principles, and how Flex works at Cornell.
    • Types of Arrangements: Flex arrangements can take many shapes - see what might work best for you and your team.
    • Resources: Flex Work Tips, Equipment & Workspace including IT tools, and FAQs

  2. Talk To Your Manager

    Prepare to discuss the following points with your manager:

    • Type of Arrangement: What will work best for you and your department's needs.
    • Impacts: How the arrangement may impact colleagues and clients, including solutions for any anticipated negative impacts.
    • Timing: Including how long the arrangement will be needed and reevaluation dates. 
    • Outside NY State: If you are proposing an arrangement for remote work outside NY state,  your manager will need to consult with your HR Representative before submitting a request
  3. Submit A Request In Workday

    If an agreement is reached, submit your request in Workday for formal approval and documentation. Just type "Request Flexible Work Arrangement" in the search bar at the top of the screen after you login, and complete the short form; use the "Comments" field to describe your arrangement. 

What happens next?

  • Your submission will go to your manager and HR for approval and any revisions if necessary.
  • When you wish to end or modify your arrangement, you will need to do so in Workday.

Resources for Flex Arrangements

For Managers