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Gig Opportunities

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Gigs in Workday's Talent Marketplace strengthen teamwork, skills, and leadership.

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The link above will show you suggested gig matches after you log into Workday; browse all gigs to see more.

You can also find gigs when you're in Workday by typing "Gigs" into the search bar and selecting "Mentorships, Gigs & the Career Hub."

Learn About Gigs

What is a Gig? 

Gigs are typically short-term experiences or projects that can help share or build skills, develop leadership, and establish new connections across the university.

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Before You Start 

What you should know about expectations and details around pay and timing. See how gigs can support your career goals or help get you out of a rut.

What To Know

Create a Gig 

Gig hosts can be supervisors, managers, or employees. See how hosting gigs can help your team and what to consider when creating a gig.

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