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Family Health Leave

Eligible employees may take Family Health Leave with reasonable advance notice and in consultation with supervisors. The first step is to contact Medical Leaves Administration (MLA) to help you interpret the Family Health Leave Policy as it applies to your individual cases.

Request Leave

Staff members requesting a Family Health Leave should keep in mind the business needs of their departments and provide as much notice of the intended dates of the leave as is practical.

Departments normally require a written notice on a Family Health Leave Request. Staff members should expect to show evidence of the serious health condition of a family member and their relationship to that family member in need of their assistance.

MLA has the approved form for the health care provider to complete, which will be mailed to staff upon our receipt of the Family Health Leave Request form. MLA will review the information provided by the requesting staff member and the health care provider and issue a notice of approved leave or a denial. Staff may appeal the denial in writing to the Director of HR Services & Transitions Center.

Return from Leave

No medical clearance to return to work will be required. Staff should provide notice to their supervisors regarding their leave plans. Departments will hold positions for approved leave participants; however, the position may not be held if the total amount of time away from work exceeds 26 weeks in the prior 52-week period. Staff should check with supervisors or their local HR representatives to learn what leaves apply to the total time away from work provision. MLA can also advise leave participants the exact number of days taken or available for use.