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We are committed to creating a positive, welcoming environment where every member of our community can thrive.

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What matters in our workplace.

At Cornell, all of our efforts are united by what President Martha E. Pollock calls "educational verve" -- a vitality infused by the spirit of discovery, a passion for ideas, and a commitment to seeking truth, for the benefit of our community and the world at large.

In our workplace, this verve is shaped by our values, embedded in our employee "Skills for Success": integrity, inclusion, vision, communication, initiative, judgment, and growth; and expressed by our Big Red Spirit: bold, caring, passionate, and dedicated to excellence.

We truly believe that working at Cornell is more than a job; it's an opportunity to be your best, most authentic self, within a vibrant, welcoming community.

Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Diversity of perspective and experience is crucial to an institution of higher learning and research.

This extends to every member of our community, in every role in our workplace. 

An inclusive workplace empowers each person to bring their whole self to work and contribute fully to the mission and objectives of the university.

Cornell's commitment to diversity and inclusion


When you work at Cornell, you join a vibrant community of extraordinary people.

Enjoy the wealth of events, volunteer opportunities, and programs to help you find support, care, and connect with your colleagues.

A community where you belong 


Cornell recognizes that employee wellbeing extends beyond the workplace.

Thrive at work and beyond with programs to support all the dimensions of your wellbeing. Learn about the many resources available to Cornell employees to help with physical and mental health, parenting, caregiving, finances, sustainability, personal crises, and more.

Learn about resources to support your wellbeing


Our culture of appreciation is an expression of a community that genuinely cares for one another.

Cornell recognizes the hard work it takes to achieve excellence in our mission. We cultivate a culture of employee appreciation in ways great and small, through individual expressions of care, service recognition programs, and awards to celebrate individual and team efforts.

Employee appreciation and recognition  


Sustainability goes deeper than recycling and conserving energy.

Sustainability is about exercising responsibility to manage the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life for future generations. Sustainability extends far beyond ecology to include technology, business, society, and even personal sustainability.  

Cornell is a global leader in sustainability and climate change research, teaching, and engagement. At Cornell, you'll find that our commitment to sustainability infuses every level of the university, from policymaking to procurement to personal wellbeing and more.

Learn about sustainability at Cornell