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Get Started With The Aetna CPHL Enhanced Wellness Program

For endowed benefits-eligible employees enrolled in the Aetna Cornell Program for Healthy Living (CPHL) medical plan: here's how to get started with the optional Enhanced Wellness Program.

What To Know

  • The Enhanced Wellness Program is an optional, free-of-charge component of the endowed Aetna CPHL medical plan. You work with your Aetna CPHL approved primary care physician (PCP) to assess your current wellness and set wellness goals.
  • There is NO PCP selection required if you and your family members elect not to participate in the Enhanced Wellness Exam and related services.
  • Visit the Aetna CPHL Details page for details about the CPHL medical plan, including rates, coverage, forms, etc.

How To Get Started With The Enhanced Wellness Program

  1. Select a Primary Care Physician

    How to find your PCP 

    All covered family members, including children, must select a PCP from a select list of Ithaca-based In-Network providers if you would like to take advantage of the Enhanced Wellness Program. These PCPs are committed to supporting this plan and play a pivotal role in helping you reach your wellness goals for the year. You can select and provide your PCP's 7-digit Provider Number at the time of enrollment through Benefit Services, or after registration through the Aetna Health website or by calling Aetna Member Services at 1-877-371-2007. 

    Find primary care physicians

  2. Schedule Your Physical Exam and Lab Work 

    Request an invitation for the Sustainable Health Systems Questionnaire (SHQ)

    When you make your appointment, inform them that you’re an Aetna CPHL participant who wishes to set up an Enhanced Wellness Exam. Then request that they email you an invitation for the Sustainable Health Systems Questionnaire (SHQ). Routine preventive lab work is covered at 100%. However, you must complete the lab work within 7 days of your Enhanced Wellness Exam.

  3. Complete the Questionnaire

    How to complete your SHQ

    After your PCP's office sends you the email link you can set up an account with Sustainable Health Systems to access your questionnaire (check any spam or clutter folders in your email). You and your enrolled adult family members (spouse, domestic partner and children ages 18 and over) can each complete a Sustainable Health Questionnaire (SHQ) once a year for your annual physical exam. The SHQ should be completed at most one week prior to your exam. You can complete a pediatric assessment for your children aged 1 through 17 in their PCP’s office. Only your doctor's office will receive the questionnaire data. See "More About the SHQ" below.

  4. Comprehensive Exam and Wellness Report

    Develop a healthy living action plan

    Once you have completed your SHQ, you are ready for a comprehensive physical exam and a review of your SHQ results with your Aetna Enhanced Wellness PCP. Again, there is no cost to you. Once the exam and review are complete, your PCP will provide you with an Annual Wellness Report from which you and your PCP can develop a healthy living action plan.

  5. Healthy Living Wellness Resources

    Support for wellness beyond the doctor's office

    Your Wellness Report and healthy living action plan may include referrals to local resources or to additional services within your PCP’s office to assist you in achieving your goals; for example, smoking cessation, nutritional counseling or diabetic education - which are covered at 100%. In addition, if you have medical complications or need special attention, your PCP may refer you to the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living (CCHL) for advanced wellness counseling and support for the following services. The costs for these services at CCHL are:

    • Health Behavior Assessment $20 copay
    • Health Risk Assessment Interpretation $20 copay
    • Medically Supervised Exercise $20 copay
    • Team Conference $20 copay
    • Preventive Medical Counseling $20 copay
    • Stress Management $20 copay

    Benefits-eligible faculty and staff can further achieve wellness goals with a $15 monthly discount from the Ithaca YMCA, Island Fitness, or the Cornell Wellness Program (the discount makes the Cornell Wellness Program free). Spouses and domestic partners who are also Cornell benefits-eligible endowed employees are eligible if they are covered under CPHL. The employee must present their Aetna CPHL ID Card and Cornell ID to the fitness centers to confirm eligibility for the discount. 

    More information about the Wellness Recreation Membership & Optional Fitness Benefit

  6. Follow-Up Visits 

    Keep moving forward with a healthy lifestyle

    Following your Enhanced Wellness exam, your PCP may have you return for up to 3 monitoring or counseling check-ups during the year. These extra visits are also covered at 100% under the Enhanced Wellness benefit.

    You are strongly encouraged to see your Enhanced Wellness PCP at least once every year to complete steps 2-5 above unless otherwise directed by your PCP.

More about the Sustainable Health Questionnaire (SHQ)

  • If you don’t have email or need help using a computer, then your doctor’s office can create your Sustainable Health Systems account. You’ll need to arrive at their office 20 to 30 minutes early to complete the questionnaire in time for your visit. 

  • Returning users can login here:
  • Please do not use your SHQ account for your spouse or a friend - you each need to have your own account.