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Visitors in the Workplace


The routine or extended presence of friends or family of university staff when and where staff are working at the university is not permitted. This prohibition extends to visits by off-duty staff of Cornell. Such an occurrence at the worksite creates the potential for injury to the visitor and significant liability to the university as well as adversely affecting the work efficiency of staff.

Off-Duty Staff

While an off-duty staff member's routine or extended presence at working areas should not occur, brief visits in order to pick up a paycheck, etc. are permissible.

Children at the Worksite

The presence and care of children at a university worksite creates significant safety and liability considerations for the university. Furthermore, child care demands the frequent attention of a parent and thus necessarily diverts attention from job performance. While the care of infants and children at the worksite cannot be permitted, supervisors (without impairing operational needs of their departments) are encouraged to be flexible in arranging work schedules and granting time off to parents who share work responsibilities as well as child care and other needs. (Refer to Policy 6.6.13, Flexibility In the Workplace.)

Applicable Leave Provisions

Cornell staff have available to them various leave provisions which can be used to meet child care responsibilities, including for sick child care. Such leaves include health and personal leave and vacation. Refer to Policy 6.9 Time away from Work sections: Vacation, Health and PersonalLeave, and Leaves of Absence Without Pay.)