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Flexible Work Core Principles

Flexible work arrangements are an important tool to further the University’s priority of attracting and retaining a high-performing, diverse workforce. The following are Cornell’s core principles governing the use of flexible work at Cornell.

  • Flexible work arrangements will be approved only if they advance the University’s mission and priorities without compromising student, customer, coworker, and other constituent experience.
  • College and unit leadership will make flex work decisions appropriate for positions in their unit and will optimize onsite space utilization based on these decisions, using approved university-wide guidelines. Leaders will factor any resulting financial impacts of these decisions into their college/unit approved budget.
  • Applicable legal, tax, and immigration requirements should be factored into all flexible work arrangement decisions.
  • The process for evaluating flexible work requests is standardized and equitably applied to Cornell’s workforce and flexible work decisions are to be made without bias or favoritism.
  • Flexible work arrangements, including requests, as well as reasons for approval or denial, must be documented.
  • Flexible work arrangements must be regularly assessed and should be changed or discontinued when no longer appropriate for the college or unit.

Cornell’s approach, methods, and guidance will continue to evolve based on best practice within and outside of Cornell, and with feedback about the experiences and needs of our students, leadership, and employees.