Endowed Health Plans

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General Information


Cornell offers three health care plan choices as part of our endowed benefits.


Information to help you compare plans or change your benefits:

2023 Plan Comparison & Rates

2022 Plan Comparison & Rates





Not all persons affiliated with the university qualify for enrollment in these benefit programs. A faculty or staff member must hold a job or appointment with a minimum of 20 hours per week for hourly paid employees or the equivalent 50% effort for salaried employees for a period of 6 months or more. The rate of pay must be greater than zero and the appointment does not need to be indefinite. A person appointed to a courtesy position without pay (limited benefits) may be eligible for endowed health and dental if the appointment is 50% time or more and the person is required to have health coverage due to immigration visa considerations.

For answers to your specific questions about eligibility, please contact the HR Services and Transition Center by phone 607.255.3936; TTY: 711 or send a message to hrservices@cornell.edu.