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Women of Color CNG


Who we are

The Cornell University Women of Color Colleague Network Group (WCCNG) is a university- sponsored employee resource group.  The Cornell University WCCNG creates engaging opportunities for professional and leadership development with a particular focus on empowering women of color in the workforce.

What we do

The mission of the Cornell University Women of Color Colleague Network Group is to raise the awareness of workplace issues faced by women of color; provide networking opportunities and a forum to discuss topics of mutual interest and innovative solutions with senior leaders; and to support the university’s recruitment and retention of women faculty and staff of color.

Our group meets monthly for lunch and socializing. Our meetings usually feature a presentation or facilitated discussion. We also network with external groups and organize events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities to support our community.

  • Events & Activities

    Monthly Meetups

    We generally get together for lunch meetings once a month.   Join our mailing list using the red signup button above to learn what's coming up next!

  • Meet Our Board

    Steph Cowling-Rich

    Steph Cowling-Rich (she/her): Member-at-Large

    My name is Steph Cowling-Rich (she/hers) and I work as an Assistant Director of Student Advising and Engagement in the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI).  In my work, I support and advise a cohort of students in OADI through EOP/HEOP, advise our student leadership group and help to shape the experience of all students that enter the office. I also focus on co-creating a community of advisors who work together to support students and develop best practices across Cornell.  The Women of Color Colleague Network Group has been a space for uplift, encouragement, and community for me.  I continue my involvement in this group for the opportunities of learning, celebration and connection with other WOC colleagues.

    Perdita Das-Humphrey

    Perdita Das-Humphrey (she/her): Vice Chair

    My name is Perdita Das-Humphrey (she/her) and I am the Assistant Dean of Hans Bethe House, West Campus House System. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to the United States at the age of 20. My home base in the U.S. is in Chicago. Fun fact: I live on campus with my husband and two cats and have been at Cornell a little over six years.

    The Women of Color Colleague Network group has sustained me through both happy and challenging times and it’s been a space for us to show up as our full selves. It’s an honor to serve as the board’s current vice chair and play a part in continuing to create opportunities for colleagues to come together, be in community, celebrate and uplift each other, and learn and grow together.


    Jamie Hom: Member-at-Large

    Hi! My name is Jamie Hom (she/hers) and I work in Alumni Affairs & Development as an Associate Director of Student Programs on the Student and Young Alumni team. I have been at Cornell for more than 6 years now. Besides my work with student leadership and development, you can also find me teaching a spin class for Cornell Rec. I started out with the Women of Color Colleague Network Group as a participant. The Women of Color Colleague Network Group has been a community for me where I have been able to connect with my curiosities and culture. It is wonderful having a space at Cornell to celebrate and connect with other WOC colleagues!

    Rehana Huq: Member-at-Large

    Bio & photo coming soon!

    Jennifer Majka

    Jennifer Majka, PhD.: Member-at-Large

    I’ve had the pleasure of working in various positions at Cornell since 2007 and currently serve as the founding Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and the SC Johnson College of Business. I’ve been a member of the WCCNG since its inception and I also served as the first Chair. The WCCNG gives me a sense of community and an opportunity to connect with women who may share similar interests and a common bond where we can offer support to one another. It’s also a learning environment where we have the opportunity to learn from our individual narratives about our similarities and differences. While we all may identify as women of color, our lived experiences, cultural backgrounds, and belief systems may be different from one another. Learning about these differences help us grow and become more knowledgeable about one another, and ultimately it helps form more meaningful relationships across difference.

    Mar Perez: Member-at-Large

    Bio & photo coming soon!

    Erin Rodriguez: Member-at-Large

    Bio & photo coming soon!

  • Resources

    Business Leaders of Colors: 

    • Business Leaders of Colors is a network of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and social justice leaders focused on helping people of color in Tompkins County succeed in business. On their website you can find business resources as well as a compiled list of local Black-owned business.

    Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services: 

    • Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS) is dedicated to expanding housing opportunities for low and moderate-income residents of Tompkins County and the surrounding region. It seeks to foster communities that embrace diversity, equity, and sustainability in ways that produce lasting outcomes. They offer homebuyers classes, inspection classes, and resources on buying homes in Tompkins County.

    Diverse Living in Ithaca Guide (pdf): 

    Greater Ithaca Activities Center: 

    Southside Community Center: 

    • Since its incorporation in 1934, the Southside Community Center, Inc., continues to affirm, empower, and foster the development of self-pride among the African-American citizens of greater Ithaca. Through forums and activities in education, recreation, political and social awareness, the Southside Community Center is a community resource center. We serve as a vehicle to develop an appreciation for the contributions and presence of those peoples of African descent in the greater Ithaca community and in the larger world community.

    Multicultural Resource Center: 

    Learning Web: 

    Catholic Charities: 

    Hair Salon Recommendations

    Compiled 10/13/21 by Adrienne Clay (abc252) with collaboration from Women of Color CNG members



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  • FAQs

    Who can join?

    This group is intended to support Cornell employees who identify as a Woman of Color and/or support the mission of the Women of Color Colleague Network Group.

    Are there membership dues?

    Membership is free and supported by Cornell University.

    Do I have to go to meetings, or any other membership requirements?

    We hope you'll join us at our in-person meetings and events, but there are no attendance or membership requirements.

    Can I only join one CNG at a time?

    You're welcome to join multiple CNGs.