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The mission of the Cornell University LGBTQ Colleague Network Group is to raise awareness about workplace issues faced by LGBTQIA faculty and staff; provide networking opportunities for LGBTQIA faculty and staff and a forum to discuss topics of mutual interest and innovative solutions with senior leaders; and to support the recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA faculty and staff.

What we do:

Our group meets monthly for lunch and socializing. Our meetings usually feature a presentation or facilitated discussion. We also network with external LGBTQIA groups and organize events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities to support our community.

  • Coming Up!

    More updates to come!

    Please check back soon.

  • Meetings & Events

    Please join our LGBTQ+ mailing list (aka, list-serv) to stay informed!  

    Virtual Monthly Gatherings

    Please join us the second Friday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Our gatherings are a space to connect, foster community, and learn from one another and external speakers or presentations.  

    We gather at slightly different dates in January, June and August to allow for the start of the semester and PRIDE.  

    Join us in our typical Zoom Room in February 2024 (through May!) 

    Upcoming Monthly Gathering Schedule (2024)

    • Friday, January 26 (January Zoom Room – separate from above)
    • Friday, February 9
    • Friday, March 8
    • Friday, April 12
    • Friday, May 10

    In-Person Events

    Our social committee is busy planning and organizing more in-person events for the winter and spring semesters. Please join our mailing list to stay informed about these events! Past events have recently included apple picking and community walks. 


    Our CNG engages with community organizations, such as the newly formed (Fall 2023) Ithaca Pride Alliance, focused on celebrating PRIDE. We host PRIDE  and community events at various times throughout the year. 

  • Meet Our Board

    Analysia Arroyo headshot

    Analysia Arroyo (she/her)


    Hi there! I am grateful to be a part of our lovely and warm CNG board! I have learned so much about myself, CNG members, and our community from our intentional, moving general body meetings. This CNG is a great mix of fun, purpose, and quality time.   

     In 2018, I served as a Resident Director for Cornell’s Pre-Freshman Summer Program during my graduate years, learning and sharing Big Red traditions with incoming Freshmen. As of Fall 2021, I keep those traditions alive while working in Alumni Affairs and Development. Before Cornell, I served in various functional areas including Campus Activities, Residence Life, COVID Response, and Academic Success. I strive to advocate and spotlight stories of underrepresented folx. Outside of work, you can find me crafting in various forms, and building a dream life with my forever buddy and our two gatos!  

     In the words of a mentor of mine, also in the LGBTQIA community, I encourage you to protect your magic. Feel free to drop by virtually if there’s any way I can support your magic at   

    Michael Betteken

    Michael Betteken (he/him)


    I am excited to be a part of this CNG board and serve as the historian. At Cornell, I am the Senior Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) administrator within the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA) part of the Research Division. Before coming to Cornell, I worked to support a new chapter of PFLAG in North Carolina to support the parents of the local LGBTQ+ youth and to create a safe space for this group. I am very passionate about LGBTQ+ representation in all professionals and am looking forward to supporting LGBTQ+ staff here at Cornell. In my free time you can find me creating artisan soap and taking care of my cats and dog.

    Nikki Button

    Nicki Button (she/her)


    Growing up local to Cornell and completing my B.S. Science of Earth Systems (’12) here, I am proud to now be a part of the Big Red community as the LGBTQ+ CNG Co-Chair.  After finishing my master’s degree in 2018, I returned to Cornell, working in External Education.  I am currently the Marketing Automation Specialist for eCornell.  During the pandemic, I found a safe space in the CNG and started feeling comfortable being myself in a professional setting.  My goal is to help others find this for themselves and create change at the university. 

     Outside of work, I am very passionate about rugby (player, coach, and referee) and my hometown, serving on Dryden’s Dairy Day Committee and in my Fire and EMS Department.   

    I also lead the LGBTQ+ CNG Social Committee.  If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming events, please join our listserv and/or reach out to me at 

    Carl Cornell headshot

    Carl Cornell (he/they)


    Hello all! I’m extremely happy to be part of the LGBTQ+ CNG board and serve as your Employee Assembly Representative for the LGBTQIA+ community at-large.

    I’ve been working at Cornell for a little over a decade and have been contributing to the efforts of our local LGBTQIA+ Community since 2004 (when I was the President of Ithaca High School’s GSA). Within Cornell I’ve served the community in various ways from being the advisor of LGBTQIA+ student groups, being a member of the CNG, to now serving as one of your CNG board members and EA Rep for our community at-large. When not at work, I love spending time with my two partners playing video games or binge-watching Netflix shows. 😊

    I love being an advocate and a source of support for the whole of our Cornell community. I am always open to the opportunity to connect with others to provide a friendly space to talk, or in collaboration that inspires larger change for our community members. You can always reach out to me by email at:

    Foula Dimopolous

    Foula Dimopoulos (ze/hir/hirs | he/him/his)


    Hello! I have been a part of Cornell since Fall 2019, and became involved with the CNG at that time. I currently serve as the Co-Chair, and welcome you to our campus and our CNG. My personal and professional backgrounds reflect my involvement in non-profit work, i.e., intersectional LGBTQ rights, restorative practices, organizational development/strategic planning, and youth, as well as higher education (LGBTQ+ resource center, equity and Inclusion and student advising). In my downtime, I enjoy video games, playing fetch with my cat, spending time with my partner, walking in Sapsucker Woods, and so much more. You are welcome to reach out to me at

    Rose Howard

    Rose "Moo" Howard (she/her/hers)


    Moo! I have been at Cornell since July of 2022 and I work in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as an Admin. I have a BFA in Theatrical Design from Ithaca College ’04. 

    I enjoy being a part of a CNG that I have experienced as a great source of community with monthly gatherings and connection events. I joined the CNG board in order to bring my commitment to advocating for and participating in a safe and welcome environment for all LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff. Out and proud since roughly 2001, I remember old haunts like Common Ground and Felicia’s Atomic Lounge. 

    In addition, I am part of the local 'Puppet Pod' run by Lilypad Puppets, and have recently participated in the Puppet Fashion Runway with a pride themed coat made out of stuffed animals. You are welcome to reach out to me at

    Zoe Roberts

    Zoë Roberts (she/her)


    I’ve been a part of Cornell’s LGBTQ+ community since 2016 – first as an undergrad student with Haven (the student LGBTQ+ org), and now as an employee serving as a board member-at-large for our Colleague Network Group! I graduated with a B.A. in Information Science in 2020, and joined eCornell’s Product Team as an Associate Product Manager in March 2021. I enjoy living in Ithaca with my partner and cat, though I do miss the mountains in my home state Colorado. I love all things creative!

    I look forward to creating opportunities for folks to connect with one another and build community! As a younger and newer employee, I also hope to welcome and be a resource for others in a similar place. My inbox is always open:

  • FAQs

    Who can join?

    This group is intended to support Cornell employees who identify throughout the LGBTQIA spectrum or who are questioning.  

    Are there membership dues?

    Membership is free and supported by Cornell University.

    Do I have to go to meetings, or any other membership requirements?

    We hope you'll join us at our in-person meetings and events, but there are no attendance or membership requirements.

    Can I only join one CNG at a time?

    You're welcome to join multiple CNGs.

  • Resources


    Cornell LGBTQ+ Resource Guide for Faculty & Staff (pdf)

    Diverse Living in Ithaca Guide (pdf)

    LGBTQ+ Resources for Cornell Employees

    This resource provides information related to policy, benefits, personal information changes and more. Some information may be reflected in the Resource Guide listed above but not all.

    Universal Restroom Text List and Fitness Center Restrooms and Changing Facilities 

    Need to find a restroom or changing room that is inclusive? These lists provide exactly that. Please note that some restrooms may not appear on this list – if you know of a universal or all-inclusive restroom not listed here, please contact Foula Dimopoulos or Nicki Button

    LGBTQ+ People & COVID

    Ithaca College has compiled a comprehensive page of resources and guidance for the LGBTQ+ community during the crisis.

    Ithaca LGBTQ History Walking Tour

    Did you know Ithaca… 

    is the site of one of the first public declarations of the bisexual movement in the U.S.?* 

    was one of the first cities in the U.S. to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation?* 

    Is the place of one of the first student-organized sit-ins for LGBTQ rights took place?* 

    Ithaca and Tompkins County hold unique and meaningful roles in the local and national LGBTQ history and movements.  Check out this walking tour, created by the students, alumni, and staff of the Ithaca College Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services.  

    *From the Ithaca is History LGBTQ History Walking Tour, Ithaca, NY