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Who we are:

The CNG for young professionals. This diverse group seeks to connect, educate, engage, and inspire young professionals in a culture of social consciousness, leadership development, and volunteerism that will benefit Tompkins County. This group is geared towards staff who are in the early stages of their career or transitioning into higher education. The average age of participants is under 40 but all ages are welcome.


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  • Raise the awareness of issues faced by the young professionals at Cornell
  • Provide a forum for young professionals and their supporters to discuss topics of interest and concern
  • Support workforce recruitment and retention of young professionals for Cornell using the G.E.A.R model


Give –sponsor an annual community service event relevant to the CNGs interests

  • members will be given an opportunity to enact useful change and impact a relevant cause within the local community

Engage –provide networking opportunities with established leaders for YPs

  • by arranging social meet and greets with senior staff leaders

Achieve –provide career development opportunities and resources

  • by presenting professional development knowledge and information, such as: management training videos, educational engagements, & keynote speakers, etc.

Recruit –support the R&R of YPs for Cornell’s staff workforce

  • also actively encourage fellow staff professionals to join the CNG


Meet The Board


Headshot of Ten Van Winkle


Ten Van Winkle: Chairperson

I’m Ten Van Winkle (she/they), current Chairperson for the Young Professionals CNG. I joined the Cornell workforce in 2021 at the SC Johnson College of Business Office of Diversity and Inclusion, where we connect under-served students with the resources they need to thrive. I look forward to working with the CNG to help each other thrive, too, by connecting with each other, the students we serve, and the Ithaca community. Connect with me via email at



Headshot of Jayla Greene


Jayla Greene: Co-Vice Chairperson

Hi! My name is Jayla Greene (she/her/hers) and I am currently serving as a Co-Vice Chairperson for the Young Professionals Colleague Network Group. I have been at Cornell since July 2017 working in Arts & Sciences Advising. In addition to my role on campus supporting our undergrad students in A&S, I am excited to be involved with creating a space for young professionals to develop and connect with folks across campus, but also be heard at Cornell. Feel free to contact me at


Headshot of Stephen Kim

Stephen Kim: Co-Vice Chairperson

Hello! My name is Stephen Kim (he/him/his). I’m one of the Co-Vice Chairpersons for the YPCNG executive board. Though I started working at Cornell in 2020 with the Intergroup Dialogue Project, I have been at Cornell since 2015 because I went to graduate school here. I also teach with the Cornell Prison Education Program. As a board member, I’m hoping to meet others in the earlier stages of their careers at Cornell and advocate for the needs of young professionals. You can reach me at


headshot of Billy Streleckis

Billy Streleckis: Historian

Hello, my name is Billy Streleckis (he/him/his) and I’ll be serving as the historian for the Young Professionals CNG! I’m a recent television radio graduate of Ithaca College and joined Cornell in the fall of 2021 as an AV assistant in Systems Engineering. Although my time here so far has been short, Cornell has already started to feel like home, and I want to help more young professionals achieve their professional goals here. Feel free to reach out at!



portrait Soughabya Chattopadhyay

Soubhagya Chattopadhyay: Member-at-Large

Hello! My name is Soubhagya Chattopadhyay(she/her). I’m a member at large of the YPCNG executive board. I joined the College of Veterinary Medicine as a Recruiter and DEI Partner in 2021. I have been a part of Cornell University since 2018, when I started as a graduate student in ILR School. As a board member, I’m excited to meet other professionals in the early phase of their Cornell careers and work towards creating a more inclusive space for their engagement and development. You can reach me at



headshot Jessica Cherry

Jessica Cherry: Member-at-Large

I am Jess Cherry (she/her), the Residence Hall Director for South Campus at Cornell University’s main campus in Ithaca, NY. I began at Cornell in July 2021 and have an M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Stony Brook University. I am originally from Western New York and spent the past few years living and working in Rochester, where I previously served as a Resident Director at another institution and then worked at a non-profit youth and family services agency. I decided to join the YPCNG board because it is a great way to get involved in the Cornell community and to work with other board members to provide professional development opportunities to other young professionals, which is an area I am particularly passionate about.


headshot Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy Stewart: EA Representative

I’m Jeremy Stewart (he/him/his) and I am extremely excited to sit on the board of the Young Professionals Colleague Network Group. With my short time in my role as Cornell Wellness’ Nutrition & General Health Outreach Educator, part of my job has been connecting individuals to health-related resources around the campus and community, as well as assisting them in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle. There are so many great benefits and resources that you have access to working at the university and it is a pleasure to be a part of a team that works on improving access to information to new employees. My hope in this role as a board member of the YPCNG is to connect with all of our young professionals and to help maneuver these resources to retain our wonderful young talent at the University. Feel free to contact me via email at I look forward to connecting with you!




*If there are resources that you would like to see added here or topics that should be covered, please reach out to Autumn Moser at


Professional Development

  • Career Development Resources
    • Career Management Toolkit: This is a helpful toolkit to assist in planning and managing your career development. Check each step for ideas and resources that can help you take charge of your career and maximize your potential.
    • The Career Navigator: The Career Navigator shows career paths and generic position information. For employment opportunities at Cornell
  • Networking Resources
    • Top Networking Strategies for Young Professionals: Networking as a young professional is important but not something we always think about especially if you are not job searching. Here are some top networking strategies to keep in mind as you network throughout your career.
    • Networking during Coronavirus: Networking can be difficult in a normal situation, drop a pandemic on top of that and it gets even harder! Here is advice on networking during this unique time.
  • Salary Negotiation/Promotions Resources
    • How to Ask for a Promotion: This is always a difficult conversation, here are some tips!
    • AAUW Work Smart: Online program to learn to successfully advocate for yourself in salary negotiation or promotion conversations.
  • Leadership
    • Turning Point: Turning Point is a 5 day leadership program offered through Cornell HR
    • CU Learn: CU Learn is a tool for the Cornell workforce and students which provides access to both online and classroom-based non-credit training programs. We recommend the Leadership @Cornell courses!
  • Education
    • Part-Time Study: Eligibility and benefit information for taking Cornell courses tuition-free as you work.
      • Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter courses are all eligible for this benefit
    • Employee Degree Program: Earn an undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree as you work.
    • School for Continuing Education: Information on registration for employees




  • 7 Dimensions of Wellbeing Resources Guide: Explore resources available to the Cornell community that support all the dimensions of your wellbeing. Includes detailed information about the benefits, programs, and services that support your wellbeing at Cornell
  • Fitness Benefit: If you are the Cornell Plan for Healthy Living, get a free membership to Cornell Recreation Wellness Membership or get $15 off monthly membership fees at local fitness providers
  • Faculty & Staff Assistance Program: Professional mental health counseling and consultation services. Benefits-eligible employees receive 10 free counseling sessions per calendar year.