Aetna International for Business Travel

Maintain your healthcare coverage abroad when traveling on Cornell University-approved business.

The endowed health plans administered by Aetna on the Ithaca campus and the health plans for the Weill Cornell Medicine and NYC Tech campuses provide enhanced coverage for international travel.

Travel Insurance

International travelers have coverage for Political or Natural Disaster related Evacuation, Trip Interruption, Lost Checked in Luggage and Return of Personal Belongings. All Political and Natural Disaster coverage must be arranged and approved, in advance, by On Call International.

  • Political or Natural Disaster related Evacuation: Up to $50,000 USD per Insured Person up to $1,000,000 USD per Event.
  • Trip Interruption: Up to $2,000 USD per policy period.
  • Lost Checked in Luggage: Up to $1,000 USD per policy period
  • Return of Personal Belongings: Up to $500

Medical Coverage

International travelers currently covered on an Aetna plan can access help for medical attention through Aetna International, a unit of Aetna that specializes in delivering solutions for corporate travelers. Aetna International communicates in over 30 languages; has five regional offices worldwide; and offers 24/7 live phone access anywhere in the world.

The insurance plan also covers family members currently covered by an endowed Aetna plan who travel for business with the faculty or staff member. The policy even remains in force for vacation time that the traveler and family may schedule while abroad, so long as the vacation time is appended to an approved business trip.

Your regular health plan provides coverage while you are on vacation. If you need medical attention while traveling internationally (not on University business), you will need to submit a claim form for your expenses once you return to the United States.

More Details & Forms

How to Register

Register before you travel. You can print an International WorldTraveler ID Card(pdf) to be used when medical attention is needed anywhere outside of the U.S. 

  1. Go to
  2. Select Log In, then click Register Now
  3. Choose Aetna WorldTraveler Plan Member under Step 1, then under Step 2 enter your first name, last name and date of birth.
  4. Enter your 11-digit CSA# 0299440-016-00081 which is also printed on the front of your card.
  5. Enter the Registration Key “14850” that is printed on the front of the ID card.
  6. Create a username and password to complete your registration.