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Help us create a culture of appreciation!

It's easy to get focused on the tasks at hand – the emails, the meetings, the projects and to-do lists – and forget to say, “Thank you!” or “Well done!” And yet, it is often those simple, timely gestures that have a profound impact on our attitude, productivity, and feelings of belonging.

Supervisors and colleagues can use this portal to send kudos in real-time. Also, supervisors can recognize their staff periodically with small tokens of appreciation in the form of points that can be redeemed through the Cornell store or Amazon.


Appreciate Someone Now!


It's easy to make someone's day. 

How To Send Appreciation

appreciation portal home screen grab

Visit the portal at

  • Login using your NetID and Two-Step Login





screen grab showing "recognize" block highlighted


  • Click on Recognize and search for the colleague's name that you'd like to recognize

program choice screen


  • Choose a program: Spot Recognition, Life's Celebrations, Birthday, or Sustainability Champion

message screen



  •  Add your message


  • Select an appropriate hashtag "#"  - supervisors won't see your message, but they will be able to see that their employees or group have been appreciated and view the hashtags.


  • Click "Recognize" to send your message



Subject: You've Been Recognized!


The person you've recognized will receive an email with the text of your message. 




Why use the Appreciation Portal?

  • Celebrate contributions and recognize excellence
  • Acknowledge achievements
  • Increase job satisfaction, productivity and employee/supervisor engagement
  • Simple, adaptable and timely appreciation
  • Boost morale

What types of spot recognition are available in the Appreciation Portal?

Employees can send a personalized message to a colleague to be shared privately with the individual. The system also allows supervisors to periodically recognize non-academic staff and bargaining unit employees with tokens of appreciation in the form of points. Available point options are: 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, and 75 – points can accumulate and do not expire until separating from Cornell. Supervisors should review the Cornell Appreciation Portal overview and FAQ documents available in the Managers Toolkit for more info.

How will I know if I've been recognized?

You will receive an email from with a subject line, "You've been recognized! It will include the exact message as well as if you have been awarded any points. You can also go into the system under "My Profile" and select "My Recognitions" to see a dashboard of your kudos.

Who will be able to see the recognitions?

All recipients will receive an email and be able to see their own recognitions within the system. Supervisors will be able to view the hashtags given to their group/employees (and which hashtag).

If I receive points, how do I redeem them?

Upon logging in with NetId and password, option to purchase select items through Amazon or The Cornell Store.  Each point is equivalent to $1. If the item you want costs more points than you have, unfortunately there is not an option to pay the difference or to add points to your balance.  

STEP 1: Log in
STEP 2: Click on "Spend Points" and search for anything OR If you're not sure what you want, click a category and browse products
STEP 3: Select the item(s) you wish to purchase with points
STEP 4: Click checkout and type in your shipping address before submitting your order
To check shipping status, click on "Profile" and then "My Redemptions"

What if I don't have enough points for an item I want? 

Save your points! As long as you are an active employee at Cornell your points never expire and roll over every fiscal year. Please note you cannot purchase additional points or supplement another form of payment to redeem a gift outside your point value.

The Amazon redemption page in the portal only shows books. Are there other options?

Yes! There are 1,000 of items available through the portal you can redeem at Amazon,  this is just a standard landing page. Just type in any item or category in the Search box at the top of the page.

How do I receive my campus store gift card?

Campus store gift cards are currently sent electronically to your Cornell email address. You may need to check your spam, junk, or "other" folder in Outlook to find the email. If you have questions please contact or

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