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Email Listservs

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Stay up to date with info you want.

These e-lists can either be interactive or informational. The interactive e-lists allow subscribers to post messages to the lists; the informational e-lists only allow postings from list administrators.


  • wellness-L: An informational e-list which provides a weekly update on upcoming Wellness Program offerings.
  • neurodivergent-employees-L:  for any faculty or staff member self-identifying as neurodivergent, offers information relevant to the neurodivergent employee community (NDEC).
  • neurodiversity-at-cornell informational e-list open to the public.

News and University Updates

  • sustainablecampus-L: A newsblast on Cornell Sustainable Campus
  • specialconditions-L: An electronic mailing list that distributes notification of university operating status and closings, road closures, construction delays, or other unusual events on campus.
  • "Your Cornell: Faculty & Staff News" is a weekly e-newsletter sent to all faculty and staff

Career Development

  • Workforce_Development-L: Notifications about career and leadership development workshops and training
  • IT-Training-L: Receive training announcements about upcoming technical courses provided at Cornell
  • Job Postings: receive notifications about career opportunities at Cornell University.


Support Groups

  • cancersupport-L: An informational e-list that provides information and support related to cancer.

Parents and Prospective Parents

  • Cornell Parenting E-News: Sign up to receive a newsletter about Cornell-sponsored events, workshops, and activities that are parenting-related or family-friendly to attend.
  • adoption-L: An interactive e-list for current and prospective adoptive parents.
  • parents-K12-L: An interactive e-list related to parenting school-aged children (no classifieds permitted).
  • parents-undersix-L: An interactive e-list related to parenting children under the age of six (no classifieds permitted).
  • parents-classifieds-L: An e-list to buy, sell, or exchange child-related items (restrictions apply, see guidelines).
  • lactation-L: An interactive e-list for nursing mothers at Cornell University.
  • lbgtfamilies-L: An interactive e-list  which distributes information and resources for Cornell University parents.
  • students-with-kids-L: An e-list which distributes information and resources for Cornell University student parents.
  • specialneeds-L: An interactive e-list for Cornell University families with children that have special needs.
  • school-closing-L: An informational e-list which alerts parents of local school closings. Once you subscribe, you will get an e-mail message with the name of the closed school in the subject line. If your children are not in that school, please disregard the message. Please do not call the schools.

School-closing-L Participating Schools

  1. Candor Central School District
  2. Cincinnatus Central School
  3. Cortland City School District
  4. Dryden Central School District
  5. Elmira/Horseheads School
  6. Groton Central School District
  7. Homer School District
  8. Immaculate Conception School
  9. Ithaca City School District
  10. Ithaca Community Childcare Center (IC3)
  11. Lansing Central School District
  12. Marathon Central School
  13. Moravia Central School District
  14. Newark Valley Central School District
  15. Newfield School District
  16. New Roots Charter School
  17. Odessa-Montour School District
  18. South Seneca Central School District
  19. Southern Cayuga Central School District
  20. Spencer-VanEtten School District
  21. Trumansburg School District
  22. Watkins Glen Central School District
  23. Whitney Point School District