Contact Benefits Vendors

Health Benefits

Your health plan vendors are a great first point of contact for questions related to coverage. 



Aetna (Medical)

(877) 371-2007; Amanda Jemison at (607) 255-7508 in HR Services & Transitions Center to schedule a Tuesday teleconference with an Aetna representative.

OptumRx (Prescription Drug)

Phone: (866) 533-6977;

MetLife (Dental)

(800) 942-0854;   

DavisVision (Vision)

(877) 923-2847; enter client code 9092 (prior to enrollment)

(800) 999-5431 (once enrolled)


Contract College

NYSHIP (Medical & Dental):

Access NYSHIP online

ID Cards

To request an Empire Card, contact HR Services & Transitions Center at 607-255-3936. HMO and Emblem Health ID cards must be requested directly from the vendor.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield:

1-877-769-7447; or access NYSHIP online


For specific information contact your HMO directly at the phone number on back of your identification card, or access NYSHIP online


Emblem Health Dental:

For specific information call 1-800-947-0101 or refer to the phone number on back of your identification card.

Retirement and Savings

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with your vendor to discuss how much money you'll need for retirement,  investment strategies, your investment fund options, and more.

You should also review your beneficiaries annually. Your retirement and savings beneficiaries are not managed through Workday, but rather directly with the vendors that hold your accounts. 



Fidelity: (800) 343-0860; appointments (800) 642-7131

TIAA: (800) 842-2776; appointments (800) 732-8353
Spanish version TIAA website

Contract College

NYSERS: (866) 805-0990

TIAA: (800) 842-2776; appointments (800) 732-8353
Spanish version TIAA website

Voya: (800) 584-6001; appointments: (315) 446-0100

VALIC: (800) 448-2542; appointments (315) 530-7458

Fidelity: (800) 343-0860; appointments (800) 642-7131

All Faculty & Staff

PayFlex: (888) 678-7821

New York’s 529 College Savings: (877) NYSAVES



Life Insurance & Personal Accident Insurance

Cigna: (800) 231-1193

Long Term Care Insurance

RetirementGuard: (888) 793-6111

C N​ A: (866) 606-4516 (existing CNA policy holders only; not taking new enrollments)

Auto, Home, and Pet Insurance & Legal Insurance

Mercer Voluntary Benefits: (800) 553-4861