Find Your HR Representative

If you are not a current Cornell employee, or have a general question for human resources, see the HR Services Directory .

Colleges and Units

Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) Tony Caudill
Architecture Art & Planning (AAP) Jennie Babcock
Arts & Sciences (CAS) Sara Bloxsom
Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) Denise Brown-Hart
College of Business Kathy Doxey
          - Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics
           and Management
Nathan Carlisle
          - Johnson Graduate School of Management (JGSM) Julie Weaver
          - Statler Hotel Rick Kuhar
          - The Hotel School Rick Kuhar / Kathy Doxey
College of Engineering Denise Brown-Hart
College of Human Ecology Sandy Dhimitri
Continuing Education & Summer Session Himani Mewar
Cornell NYC Tech campus Julie Delay
Graduate School Jennie Babcock
Industrial and Labor Relations Valerie Benjamin
Law School Liz Flint
Research & Advanced Studies Hayley Harris
Student & Campus Life Melanie Ciotoli
University Library Lyndsi Prignon
Veterinary College Mary Beth Jordan

Administrative Human Resources

Admissions & Financial Aid Jennie Babcock
Alumni Affairs and Development Amber Alpizar
Audit Office Tammy Dibble
Budget & Planning Jess Cisco
Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research (CCELR) Jennie Babcock
Center for Regional Economic Development (CREA) Jess Cisco
Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) Jennie Babcock
Commencement Office Debbie Philip
Cornell Abroad Jennie Babcock
Council for the Arts Jennie Babcock
CU Police Jess Cisco
Dean of Faculty Cyndi Morris
Deputy Provost Debbie Philip
Einaudi Center Jennie Babcock
Engaged Cornell Jennie Babcock
Environmental Health and Safety Jess Cisco
Faculty Development and Diversity Jennie Babcock
Financial Affairs Tammy Dibble
Human Resources Jess Cisco
Information Technology Tammy Dibble
Infrastructure Properties and Planning Donna-Marie Parker
Investment Office Debbie Philip
Johnson Art Museum Jennie Babcock
Judicial Administrator Debbie Philip
Learning Strategies Center Jennie Babcock
Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) Jennie Babcock
Office of Internal Transfer Jennie Babcock
President's Office Debbie Philip
Prison Program Jennie Babcock
Procurement Services and Cornell Business Services Tammy Dibble
Professors at Large Cyndi Morris
Provost Fellow Debbie Philip
Provost's Office Debbie Philip
Registrar Jennie Babcock
Risk Management Tammy Dibble
ROTC (Aerospace, Army, Military, Naval) Jennie Babcock
Sr. Vice Provost Knuth Wendi Hawkins
University Counsel/Secretary of the Corporation Debbie Philip
University Ombudsman Debbie Philip
University Press Jennie Babcock
University Relations Jess Cisco
Vice Provost Appleton Wendi Hawkins
Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Debbie Philip
Vice Provost International Affairs Julie Addy