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Cornell Kids at Work

Cornell kids @work, mother and daughter looking at insects in cases

The Cornell Kids@Work event – also formerly called Bring your Child to Work Day – will no longer be offered in the same way as in years past. There are two separate but important interests for this program, and to accommodate those interests requires us to rethink and redesign our offerings.

One interest comes from the nationally observed ‘Take our Daughters and Sons to Work’ day held on the fourth Thursday of April. This day is intended to expose kids to careers, showcase the value of education, and help kids envision what they might be interested in exploring in their future.

The other interest is to provide parents and caregivers with family-friendly activities on campus and the opportunity to engage with their kids in fun elements that come with being part of the university community.

Here’s how we plan to meet both moving forward:

Rather than offering a singular, centrally coordinated event, we will encourage colleges and units across the university to create their own programming on the nationally observed ‘Take our Daughters and Sons to Work’ day that highlights careers in their field of study or area of work.

Then, we plan to redesign Fall Employee Celebration, held in late October or early November, to incorporate more family-friendly activities inspired by sessions previously offered during Cornell Kids@Work. Make sure to check out the Fall Employee Celebration webpage for updates.