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Name Change

If you've changed your name, update Workday and other locations.

What To Know:

Changing Legal Name:

  • Your Legal Name must match exactly how your name is listed on your Social Security card.
  • Once you submit the change in Workday, it will route to your local Human Resources representative. Cornell faculty and staff must submit a copy of their social security card reflecting their new name to their local college or unit HR representative - other forms of identification will not be accepted.

Changing Preferred Name:

  • Select Preferred Name from the Change menu. De-select the Use Legal Name as Preferred Name box and enter the changes in the fields as needed.
  • Workday will always display (and search by) Preferred Name, although the employee record will contain your Legal Name.
  • All systems internal to Cornell that receive data from Workday will display Preferred Name. However, Legal Name will be used on tax documentation and any other compliance-related documentation such as integrations with external vendors.

How To Change Your Name in Workday:

Note: Active Contract College employees enrolled in NYSLRS and NYSHIP will need to submit paper forms to update their name. Please see below for details on each form.

How To Change Your Name in MS Office 365 (Outlook):

  • By default, the Office 365 email and calendar system uses your legal first, middle, and last name as it's entered in Workday. Change your preferred name in Workday (see above) to show up on your Cornell email and calendar. More information about email.
  • Any questions regarding the use of Legal or Preferred name(s) should be directed to the local college or unit Human Resources representative.

How To Change Your Name for Retirement Plans:

  • ERS pension benefit through NYSLRS:
  • Active faculty and staff with CURP, TDA, 457(b), and/or SUNY ORP accounts:  Change your legal name in Workday.
  • Separated faculty and staff with CURP, TDA, 457(b) and/or SUNY ORP accounts: Change your legal name directly with your investment provider(s).

How To Change Your Name for NYSHIP Medical and Dental Plans:

  • Contract College employees will also need to submit a PS-404 form (PS 404 (Cornell University), along with a copy of their social security card to the HR Services and Transition Center.

Other Places To Update Your Name Change:

  • Voicemail message
  • Business cards
  • Department of Motor Vehicles