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How To Request Time Off in Workday

Manage requests for time off in Workday.

What To Know

  • Time away from work must be approved and recorded in Workday.
  • University Policy 6.9 "Time Away From Work" addresses holidays, health and personal leaves, vacation, funeral leave, jury duty/court appearance time, voting time, emergency medical technician, volunteer firefighter, emergency responder, blood donation, lactation time, military leaves, and leaves for professors and academic staff.
  • Other policies may apply for academic and bargaining unit staff; contact your HR representative for details.

What To Do

Watch this step-by-step video to learn how to request time off in Workday.

Request Time Off in Workday

PDF VersionTime Off: How to Request Time Off 

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Requesting Time Off FAQs

How does Workday display time off (vacation, health & personal) balances?

Accruals are granted at the end of the payperiod, rather than daily.  Balances show the accrued time minus the number of hours or days that have been used during the relevant period. If looking at time off balance as of a future date, the balance reflects any future days off that have been approved.  

How do I enter time off on my timesheet?

You cannot enter time off directly on your timesheet.  It is entered in a different view, accessed by either clicking Enter Time > Request Time Off in the lower left-hand corner of the timesheet or by clicking on the Time Off icon on the homepage. Once time off requests are submitted, they will display on the top of your timesheet.

How do I request a vacation or health and personal day for part of a day?

  • First, enter all of your time worked for that day.  
  • Then determine the difference between your typical daily total (ex. 7.8 hours) and your time worked (ex. 4.5 hours).  Note: Your time worked is displayed on the timesheet under the specific day. 
  • Next, click Enter Time > Request Time Off in the lower left-hand corner of the timesheet screen.  Enter the difference into the Daily Quantity field on the Request Time Off screen.

When the time off is submitted, those hours will appear on your timesheet calendar.  You will also receive a Workday Notification (email) when the time off has been approved.

Can I request time off in the future?

Yes, time off can be requested and approved for a future period. Once submitted, the number of hours and time off type will display on the timesheet for the relevant pay period.

Can I revise an approved time off request (ex. didn’t take the time off)?

If the adjustment is in the current pay period, you can make changes to an approved time off using the Correct My Time Off  or Cancel via the Time Off icon. If your time off request hasn’t been approved, you can Cancel the original request and then resubmit a new request, as needed.   If an adjustment needs to be made to a previous timesheet, then that timesheet will need to corrected and submitted to a manager for approval.


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