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How To Complete Your Performance Dialogue

The performance dialogue provides an important opportunity for Cornell employees and supervisors to discuss job performance expectations and career development opportunities.

What To Know

What To Do

Performance Dialogues are completed in Workday. See these guides for step-by-step instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

  • You can access workday via the Workday Website at Workday also has a mobile app available for Apple iPhone/iPad devices via the App Store and on Android devices via the Google Play Store. To start your Self-Evaluation by clicking on your picture in the upper-right hand corner, clicking on your Inbox and then on the Self- Evaluation item. You can also begin by clicking on the Performance icon on your home page, click on your review in the My Reviews section, and then click Open.

 Who can see my Self-Evaluation and what step?

  • Only you are able to view your responses while the Self-Evaluation is in progress. Once you click the Submit button on the Review page the information will route to your supervisor and/or support manager for review. At this point, if they wish, Human Resource staff and your supervisor’s supervisor are also able your responses.

How do I print my Self-Evaluation?

  • Click on the print icon, in the upper right-hand corner, at any time to view a printable version of your responses. It takes a minute or two for a PDF document to be produced. A message will appear in the upper right-handed corner of the screen once the printable PDF is generated.

If I exit the review prior to completion, will it save my information?

  • Workday automatically saves your information as you move between the response fields – there is not a save button. If you need to exit Workday part way through, when you return you will be prompted to continue where you left off.

What do I do if I need to make a change after I click the Submit button? How can I access it again?

  • After you click on Submit the Performance Review is now located with your supervisor and/or support manager. You can ask them to “Send Back” your review. Once your revision is made, click Submit again to route it back to your supervisor.

Is my position description in Workday and if so, where?

  • Cornell is in the process of transitioning position descriptions into Workday, but not all are there as of yet. Employees who wish to review their Position Description should contact their manager or HR representative to have a copy of the current position description provided.

Can I attach a document to my Performance Review?

  • Currently there is not an ability to attach documents as part of your review. You are able only able to add hyperlinks.

Where is the spell-checker option?

  • There is not a spell-checker icon as part of the Workday editor tool. However, if you have enabled the spell-checker feature on your internet browser it will denote errors as you type by underlining the word with a red line. Please contact your local IT support staff for guidance on how to enable this feature on your browser.

By when do I need to complete my Self-Evaluation?

  • Timelines will vary by organizations. Please contact or reference communications generated by your local HR representative.

Where will my Performance Review be stored?

  • One of the advantages of using Workday is your completed performance reviews are easily accessible by you, your supervisor and HR. Click on the Performance worklet icon on the homepage and then view  My Reviews.

Where can I see my goals?

  • To view your goals as an employee click on the Performance icon and in the View section click on Goals. To view goals that you have cascaded to your team as a manager click on the Team Performance icon and in the View section click on Goals I’ve Assigned. As a manager, to just view the goals for an employee in your organization you can click on the My Team icon, then select the name of the employee you want to view, then click on the Performance tab, then select Personal Goals.

How do I add a goal?

  • To add a new goal as an employee when you are in the Personal Goals screen you must first hit the Edit button. Once you do this you will then see the Add button on your screen.

What is the difference between the Personal Goals, Goal Details, and Organizational Goals tabs?

  • The Personal Goals tab is where all of the goals that you create for yourself, and that your manager creates or cascades to you exist. The Goal Details tab contains all of the basic goal information from the Personal Goals tab in a table-style view. The Organization Goals tab is where goals that are set at the College or Unit level would be viewed.