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Resources to help get your new employee off to a great start


Supervisors Guide

Cover: Supervisors guide to welcoming and orienting new employees


This convenient booklet offers an at-a-glance onboarding summary, tips, checklists, and important information about the importance of onboarding and the supervisor's role in creating a positive onboarding experience for new employees.



Download just the checklists from the booklet above to print, track, and review with each new employee. The checklists  will help ensure that you and your new employee are on the same page from day one, and help keep track of the important preparations and tasks that support onboarding best practices. There is space to add your own customization.








Onboarding Resources


Important onboarding information for supervisors can be found on the HR Website:

Onboarding Page





What to expect from the time your offer is made till your new employee's first day on the job. 


Upon accepting an offer of employment at Cornell new staff will begin to receive important email communications and will be asked to complete various tasks.  

Verbal offer

in Workday:  e-mail requesting additional information, including personal information and conviction information.

Written Offer

in Workday:  Employee views offer letter, electronically signs acceptance.  Offer letter includes link to information about benefits and whether their position is endowed or contract college.

Important: Employee should print their offer letter. 

Hire Approved

in Workday:  Net Id letter generated and sent to employee.

Costing Complete

in Workday:  Welcome letter is generated asking employee to:

  1. Complete the two step log in
  2. Make an onboarding appointment
  3. Visit the Welcome Center Site
  4. Log in to Workday to complete tasks:
    1. Confirm personal info
    2. I-9
    3. Payroll tasks
    4. Other documents
    5. Electronic Directory
    6. Emergency Contact
    7. Sourcing Questionnaire
    8. Benefits enrollment



The onboarding appointment is scheduled for an hour and a half.  During this appointment, employees receive their Cornell Photo ID, learn about parking and commuting options, and receive help with benefits decisions and enrollment.  Employees not working in Ithaca should contact the  HR Services & Transitions Center 607.255-.3936 (TTY: 711), to schedule a phone consultation.