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Career Development

Employees come onboard excited to join our educational mission and our commitment to excellence. The last thing we want to hear is that talented Cornellians are leaving simply because they couldn’t grow and advance their career.

At Cornell, we believe that career management is an 60-20-20 split between the employee, the university, and you, their people leader. We provide the right environment, tools and resources, and the employee provides the initiative.

Most employees have some plan for their career, but they may not know how to achieve it. It’s up to the people leaders to support employee career growth so they’ll build their skills and be motivated on the job. Showing employees that they have the support of both the organization as well as the people leader in their career advancement can lead to better retention and organizational growth overall. 

All staff – no matter their position, band, or years of service – are critical to the success of our workforce, and have the potential to grow and develop.

The role of people leaders in career management 

  • Within one’s job
  • Career Success Center
  • Through Gigs
  • Through Coaching and Mentoring

Career Success Center

The Career Success Center is an online catalogue of career management and development resources. Your employees can explore available career development programs to help you create their ideal career.  

Career consultations are available as well, reach out to Career Development Services.

Learning Opportunities

Learning is the heart of all we do at Cornell. Direct your staff to take advantage of the many opportunities available to employees to pursue knowledge and skills.

Career Skills

Organizational Development & Effectiveness at Cornell offers a variety of programs and workshops that can help you improve your work and build on professional knowledge, skills and effective practices.

Career Skills


CULearn is Cornell's non-credit learning management system. Courses for Cornell's business systems, professional development and job skills, safety & compliance, and more are maintained in this platform.



eCornell offers OnDemand Lessons, with free access to self-directed 1-hour modules. eCornell also offers online Professional Certificate Programs and individual courses are available at a discounted rate to Cornell employees.


Education Benefits

Commit to one course through the Part Time Study Program or get your degree by enrolling in the Employee Degree Program. The time commitment is up to you.

Education Benefits


In CLASP (the Community Learning and Service Partnership), Cornell employees and students work together in learning partnerships. If you work at Cornell and feel that some one-on-one, confidential help will enable you to reach your personal learning goals, CLASP may be right for you.


Online Learning

LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft offer thousands of free online courses, books, and other resources that can be accessed with a Cornell NetID. Learn new skills such as programming or web design, explore areas of interest such as photography, graphic design, writing, and much more.

LinkedIn Learning

Functional Training

Get up to speed with training tailored for Cornell's business and research systems.

IT & Business Systems
Kuali Financial System
Research Administration

Diversity & Inclusion

The Inclusive Excellence Network is a collection of programs designed to engage Cornell staff in action-oriented discussions, self-reflection, and productive discourse around topics that impact the workplace.

Inclusive Excellence Network

Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble

The Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble (CITE) provides diversity and inclusion training that facilitates dialogue.


Supervisor Development

Encourage your staff that might be interested in a move into a supervisory role at Cornell, there is a broad range of training opportunities to advance and hone supervisory skills.

LeadingPeople@Cornell isn't a one-time training: it's an ongoing commitment to developing the best in yourself and your staff. This online program enables you to access all the resources available at Cornell university, at your own pace and on your own schedule, wherever you are.

The People Leader Development Program is a 7-module curriculum. Courses are 1.5 - 3 hours each, in addition to LeadingPeople@Cornell pre-requisites.

Employees interested in further supervisory training can explore additional leading people courses on our Supervisor Development webpage.