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Internal Mobility

Internal mobility can be intimidating for employees, but it doesn’t have to be. As a people leader, there are ways to encourage internal mobility within a team, department or the university as a whole. Cornell can benefit from the continued contributions of employees that stay within the university community, and they can continue to benefit you as a people leader.

The Benefits of Internal Mobility

Increased internal mobility is highly beneficial to overall retention. Offering options to employees makes them more likely to stay with Cornell.

Employees that seek internal mobility are not necessarily dissatisfied with their role or their supervisor. They may be looking for an expanded role, more challenges or simply a change.

If an employee remains internal, they remain an active resource. It is much more likely that they will offer help to ease the transition and assist in onboarding a new employee. Even as they move into a new role, they can remain part of the team.

If an employee is expressing interest in exploring other opportunities, direct them towards these resources to explore their options at Cornell.

NOTE: Be sure to review the university Staff Transfer Policy.

Career Development Resources

Career Navigator

Current Cornell employees can utilize the Career Navigator tool to explore job titles and pay ranges at Cornell.

The Career Navigator can help employees explore potential career paths at Cornell with specific job profiles, even into management tracks.

Career Success Center

The Career Success Center helps employees explore the career development programs and opportunities at Cornell with resources such as the Career Management Toolkit, Opportunity Finders, and Career Guidance.

Career Development Resources Teams Channel

A Career Development Resources channel is available in Microsoft Teams so you can have easy access to regularly shared information about tools, resources, programs, and opportunities available to help you and your team advance and excel. 

Career Development Opportunities

Employees considering internal mobility are certainly looking for further training and experience. Encourage your employees to explore these Career Development Opportunities:

Training by Topic

Employees can browse this directory of Learning Opportunities for staff. Including technical skills, career skills, research, online learning and more.

CU Learn

CU Learn is a tool for Cornell employees to access both online and classroom-based, non-credit training programs. 

Career Skills

Cornell’s Organizational Development and Effectiveness department offers workshops and courses specially tailored to the needs of employees. 

Supervising @Cornell

Online supervisory training available to all Cornell employees, whether they’ve been in a supervisory role, are new to management, or want to move into a supervisory position. 

Continuing Education

Cornell employees can earn a degree, take college classes, and financial aid through programs like the Employee Degree Program, Tuition Aid and eCornell.

Gig Opportunities

Employees can explore hands-on opportunities to share and learn new skills, develop leadership, and establish new connections across the university.

Internal Applicants

Current employees, including temporary and casual employees*, can apply for Cornell jobs as internal applicants by using Workday.
Applying for a job in Workday requires employees to set up a Professional Profile, using these instructions (pdf).

                      *Temporary and casual employees are not eligible to be considered for internal-only postings.

Jobs with the following organizations do not utilize Workday. Click the links below to browse for jobs and follow application instructions provided.