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Onboarding New Hires

An effective onboarding experience will positively reinforce the individual’s decision to accept a position at Cornell, resulting in increased productivity and better long-term potential.

The University Onboarding Process

The goal of the university onboarding process is to effectively and efficiently welcome new hires by providing a single destination where they will complete all required actions and receive valuable resources, allowing them to assimilate to the campus and community and to focus on their new role more quickly.

Onboarding Appointment

The onboarding appointment is scheduled for an hour and a half. During this appointment, employees receive their Cornell Photo ID, learn about parking and commuting options, and receive help with benefits decisions and enrollment. 

Employees not working in Ithaca have the option to schedule a virtual appointment.

A People Leader’s Role in Onboarding New Hires

Once the offer has been accepted, you should start orienting the staff or faculty member to Cornell. This phase should be designed to reassure the new hire that they made the correct decision in coming to Cornell, and should begin to generate excitement with their decision.

The following tools will help you in preparing for all new hires once they are here. These tools are designed to guide you in assisting them to become acclimated to their position, understand your management style and expectations, and have the tools they need to make a successful transition to Cornell.


Guide to Welcoming and Orienting Employees to Cornell

This convenient booklet offers an at-a-glance onboarding summary, tips, checklists, and important information about the importance of onboarding and the supervisor's role in creating a positive onboarding experience for new employees.

New Hire Checklists

Download just the checklists from the booklet above to print, track, and review with each new employee. The checklists will help ensure that you and your new employee are on the same page from day one, and help keep track of the important preparations and tasks that support onboarding best practices. There is space to add your own customization.

Tips for New Remote Team Members

A resource page for welcoming and onboarding new team members into a remote or hybrid work environment.

Employee Wellbeing at Cornell

Wellbeing is a multifaceted and continually changing process, and each employee has unique wellbeing needs. The link below shows the resources available to the Cornell community that support all the dimensions of your wellbeing.

Cornell New Employee Welcome Box

Build a sense of connection to the University and mail new hires a special rate welcome package from the Cornell Store to show them gratitude for accepting the role.  

Living in Ithaca

Life in Ithaca can be quite the adjustment for new hires not used to the unique climate and environment of the area.

Support and Contacts

Contact your local college and unit HR Rep, the HR Services and Transitions Center or the Employee Experience team for support.