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Onboarding Appointment

Eligible employees are strongly encouraged to schedule an onboarding appointment in advance of, and no later than, your third day of work. A link to schedule this appointment will appear on your to-do list in your Workday inbox.

At your appointment, a counselor from the HR Services and Transitions Center (HRSTC) will provide you with information and assistance with:

  • Cornell photo ID card
  • New Hire Tasks
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Parking and/or bus options

Benefits Enrollment: 

  • Review Options in Advance: If your position is benefits-eligible, we recommend that you review your benefits options before your onboarding appointment, so that your HRSTC counselor can answer any questions and help you enroll if you're ready.  If you like, you can go into Workday to begin your enrollment (just click SAVE and EXIT in Workday), and then review with your HRSTC counselor before submitting.  
  • Endowed or Contract College? Check your offer letter or contact the HR Services & Transitions Center: 607-255-3936 (TTY: 711), if you're not sure whether your benefits are endowed or contract college.
Note: You do not need to enroll in benefits before your first day at work; however there is a time limit for enrollment.

Documentation to Bring

Form I-9:

  • Please be prepared to present original, unexpired documents to verify your identity and employment authorization.  
  • List of acceptable documents

Benefits Enrollment:

Remote Employees

If you won't be working in Ithaca, you will have the option to schedule a virtual appointment.