Career Areas

What kind of career opportunities can you find at Cornell? Below is a brief overview of how our career areas or “job families” are structured.


Academic Support

Non-technical jobs supporting education and research.


Jobs that support administrative operations, including policy development and implementation, staff management, and clerical work.

Alumni Affairs & Development

Support alumni programs and events, fundraising, and maintenance of university relationships with alumni, corporations and foundations.


Includes recruiting and coaching of student athletes, physical therapy, and support of physical education.

Auxiliary Services

Jobs that support university services, such as restaurant work, bookstore sales, theatrical productions, and interpretation/transcription services.


Work such as graphic design and writing, audio/visual support, video production, manuscript review, and public relations.

Information Technology

Jobs that support computer and network systems, including hardware and software development and consultation.


Financial work such as procurement, audits, payroll, accounting, real estate, investments and budgeting.


Occupations including physicians, nurses, counselors, veterinarians, health educators, and life guards.

Human Resources

Jobs that support employees, such as staffing, benefits, professional development, labor relations, and workforce diversity.


Work that can include providing reference services, database management, exhibitions,

Facilities and Safety Services

Jobs that may involve building and facility maintenance, operations, security, events, construction, and regulatory compliance.

Student Services

Job areas include admissions, financial aid, counseling, and supervision of resident advisors.


Work that supports technical aspects of research, including laboratory operations and data analysis.