How To Apply

Need help?

The Recruitment and Employment Center is available by appointment to provide computer access and assistance to anyone who needs support completing the online application. Text or call (607) 254-8372.

Want to change the world with us? Here’s how to apply.

Before you start:


Take a look at these tips for putting together a great resume and cover letter to help you make the best impression.


Have your resume and cover letter ready to upload – PDFs are strongly recommended. If you have certifications or other documents you’d like to upload, have those ready as well.

Apply Online

See the step-by-step instructions below to create an account and walk through the application process, including an informative FAQ.

  • Currently a Cornell employee? Use these instructions for current employees .
  • If you’re applying for a position with Weill Cornell Medicine NYC or Qatar, Cornell Cooperative Extension, a Cornell affiliated organization, or as a student, follow the application instructions where you browsed for job openings.
  • Applicant Notice : Important information for all Cornell employment applicants.

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Step-by-Step Application Guide for External Candidates

1. Search for Jobs

  1. On the Cornell Workday External Career Site, use the filter options on the left to help you find the position(s) that fit you best.
  2. Click on the Job Title to view Job Details such as Pay Rate Type, Location, Contact Name, etc..
  3. Once you find a position of interest, begin the application process by either creating a candidate account or signing into a previously created account.

2. Create a Candidate Account

  1. Add your preferred e-mail address;
  2. Enter and confirm a password (minimum of 8 characters, one capital letter, one number, and one special character, i.e. #@!$%);
  3. Click Create Account;
  4. Account Created box appears;
  5. Click on Sign In to sign in to your Candidate Portal for the first time.

​The Candidate Account will allow you to view submitted applications and their status, as well as views to similar jobs. In addition, some data you already entered (contact, work experience, education, skills) will prepopulate when you apply to other jobs (as long as you are signed into your account prior to applying).

3. Apply for a Job

  1. Click on a Job Title of interest, review the posting details, and then click on the Apply button to start the application process. Be sure to fill in all of the required fields noted with an asterisk and click the Next button to move to the next application screen.
    Note: If you have a LinkedIn Profile, you can click the Apply with LinkedIn button and your Contact Information, Experience, Education, and Skills will be imported into your application. Please carefully review all your information and update it as needed for your Cornell application.
  2. Complete each of the following sections:
    • My Information: Add or update your contact information and where you heard about Cornell University Jobs;
    • My Experience: Add or update related information in each of the following sections: Work Experience; Education; Skills;
      Note: You may wish to upload either a resume, cover letter or both. The job posting should also indicate if attaching a resume and/or cover letter would be required. Use the Select Files button to search for files or use the Drop Files Here box to drag documents into your application. If you plan to upload more than one document, please click the Upload icon for each additional document. 
    • Application Questions: Read each question carefully and then share your response.
    • Voluntary Disclosures: To achieve our goal of a diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting and other legal requirements, we request that you read and voluntarily share data including your race, gender and veteran status. Completion of these questions is completely voluntary and refusal to disclose this information will not affect consideration of your application.
    • Self-Identification: Voluntarily share any self- identification of disabilities;
    • Review: Carefully review your application and as needed, click the Back button to navigate to the applicable section(s) to make an edit.
  3. When you are ready, click Submit.


What do I do if I need to add or change my application after it has been submitted?

Please direct your questions or changes to the “Contact Name” listed in the job posting.


Can I update my experience and provide different attachments for different position(s)?

Yes, each application you supply is unique to the position.


Do I need to fill in my experience AND attach my resume? It seems redundant?

It is your choice, however, it is recommended that you supply both. The job posting should also indicate if attaching a resume and/or cover letter would be required. If data is missing, Recruiters, Search Committee Members, Hiring Managers, and Interviewers may scan over or miss your application during the screening process.


What can I do if I forgot my password?

Go to the Cornell Careers portal and click the blue  "Sign In" button; select the "Forgot Password" option on bottom right of pop-up.  You'll need to use the same email that you used to create your account.


Who can I contact if I am having problems or have questions about my online application?

Please call the HR Services & Transitions Center, 607-255-3936, TTY 711 or


How do I withdraw my application if needed? 

If you would like to withdraw your job application, you may do so from the Candidate home page, using the Withdraw button.  If you are later in the job application process, and the Withdraw button no longer displays, please work directly with your recruiter or contact


How can accommodation be requested to assist with the application process?

If you require an accommodation for a disability so that you may participate in the application or selection process, you are encouraged to contact Cornell University's Office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations at voice (607) 254-7232, fax (607) 255-0298, or email at For internet access please visit your local library, Department of Labor or contact the Recruitment and Employment Office for assistance.


What happens next?

You’ve clicked the “Submit” button – now what? Each college or business unit within Cornell is responsible for its own hiring. The steps below outline the general process, however, you may experience variations in details or timeline. If you have questions about your application, contact Workforce Recruitment and Retention, (607)255-3936.

Typical Hiring Process Timeline

  • Confirmation: Watch for an email confirmation of your application within 24 hours of your submission.
  • Track Application: Log in to your account to track your application through the process. Your application may show as “Under Consideration” for 4-6 weeks.
  • Phone Screen: Following the initial resume review, selected candidates may be invited to participate in a 30-60 minute phone interview. It may take 1-3 weeks before hearing back; if you are not selected to participate in an in-person interview, you will be notified by email or phone.Tip: As part of your interview preparation, we recommend you take time to research Cornell University, and in particular, the department housing the position for which you’re applying.
  • First Interview: If selected for an in-person interview you will be contacted directly by phone or email to schedule a time. During the in-person interview you’ll meet with the hiring manager and search committee members. This interview is both an opportunity for the hiring team to get to know you better and understand your experience and how it relates to the position; as well as an opportunity for you to get to know the manager, department culture, and gain more insight into the specifics of the position. Click here for some general interview tips.
  • Second and/or Additional Interviews: In some cases a second-round interview will occur, which generally involves meeting with additional members of the department and other stakeholders.
  • Background Check & References: Our final step in the evaluation process involves checking references and in some cases completing a background check. We ask that all finalists provide three professional references, including your current or most recent supervisor. For positions requiring it, background checks will be completed by an outside vendor.
  • Job Offer: If you are the selected candidate, you will receive a verbal offer from either the hiring manager or a human resources representative. We will then send you an official offer letter outlining the terms and conditions of the offer and will include information for the next steps to becoming part of the Cornell University community.

Disabilities Accommodations

If you require an accommodation for a disability so that you may participate in the selection process you are encouraged to contact Cornell University's Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity at (607) 255-3976 or via email at