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Colleague Connections

diverse group of colleagues laughing informal meetingCORNELL'S COLLABORATION & MENTORING APP

Working at Cornell gives you the opportunity to network with a world-class community of thriving and passionate colleagues, many of whom are ready and happy to help you! But how do you find them? Colleague Connections is an easy-to-use online program to match employees seeking guidance with experts campuswide.

Whether you want to email a simple question, meet for coffee to discuss an idea, or design a mentoring relationship, Colleague Connections will help you get connected. Go to the Colleague Connections page to get started!




Network & Volunteer

2 women in cornell hats & tshirts volunteeringGET INVOLVED!

One of the best ways to meet colleagues outside your work group is by volunteering at a campus event. There are many events throughout the year, including:

Announcements seeking volunteers are often made in the Cornell Chronicle . You can also sign up for the Employee Events & Trips e-list (send email with "Subscribe" in the subject line).



Colleague Network Groups


Cornell's CNGs enhance our community culture by providing engaging programs for faculty and staff of traditionally underrepresented minorities and their allies to find support, both at the University and beyond. There are CNGs for Men of Color; Women of Color, LGBTQ, Veterans, Disabilities, and Young Professionals. Visit the Colleague Network Group page for more information.