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Message To New Employees

Portrait of Christine Lovely outside Day Hall

Message from Cornell Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Christine Lovely

Welcome to Cornell!

The proverb holds true: it takes a village. At Cornell, that village of faculty and staff is nearly 20,000 strong and stretches to every corner of the world.

We are all driven by a common pursuit of excellence, a commitment to inclusion, and a passion for innovation.

Advancement of our core university mission relies on our collective efforts to support our students in their academic achievements, and to advance important scholarly pursuits.

Working at Cornell though, is about even more than our daily work.

We are an institution of learning, and as such, we encourage you to explore our campuses and all the amazing things our students, faculty, and staff are doing. Network with colleagues. Attend events. Sign up for workshops – or classes! Volunteer. Challenge yourself to grow. Be open to new opportunities and ideas.

We know that many couples, family members and good friends work at Cornell. Many employees have children who grew up on campus attending sporting events, camps, and Bring a Child to Work Day. And in any given year, approximately 200 of our employees’ children are studying at the university.

These and other connections help make us feel a part of Cornell as we grow, develop and innovate.

We hope that you are as inspired and awestruck as we are with each new scholarly discovery. And more importantly, that you find a community where you belong at Cornell.

I wish you much success!

Christine Lovely
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer