Setting Up

Resources to help you get set up in your new rold

Here are resources that may be useful as you get set up in your new role at Cornell.

Information Technology

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Visit for support and information.

The Staff IT Resources page is a good place to get started!

  • Phones: how to set up Audix voicemail, put a call on hold, transfer a call, and other tasks
  • Email: how to set up and use your email account
  • Zoom: web and video conferencing service
  • Wi-Fi: how to get connected to wireless networks on campus
  • Two-Step Login: set up and manage secure authentication (necessary to access Workday)
  • LastPass: secure password management service
  • Skype for Business: instant messaging
  • Box: Share files and collaborate on documents
  • NetID: info about using and managing your NetID and password
  • Support: Contacts and helpful articles.



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Contact the Division of Financial Affairs for questions about your:

  • paycheck,
  • direct deposit,
  • W2
  • payroll deductions,
  • tax withholding
  • Foreign national questionnaire

Important information for hourly employees



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Employee self-service for:



by using Workday to see your organizational charts! This feature is helpful when learning your organization, finding out who to contact or collaborate with.  The "Org Charts" contain reporting structure, job titles, pictures, and hierarchy. 

Here's how: 
1.) Log into workday on the website
2.) Type “my org chart” in the search bar in the top left to navigate to your org chart
3.) Click on “My Org Chart” from the search results



Check  your personal information  in Workday to verify or update your preferred name, work location & phone, emergency contacts, and other details.


Also see:



Parking & Transportation


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  • Ergonomic assessment: Work with your supervisor and the Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program to ensure  that your workspace supports your wellbeing.



  • CUInfo:  a handy website to start the day, featuring useful university links, Cornell news and weather,  alerts, and people search.



  • Weather Conditions Will you need an umbrella, boots, mittens,  or sunglasses today... or all of the above?