Cornell's faculty and staff compensation programs aim to support outstanding education and services through competitively recruiting, developing and rewarding high-quality faculty and staff.

Staff Compensation

Cornell pays competitively in relation to the pay for comparable work at comparable employers within demonstrated labor markets. Market competitive pay varies by job family and job classification throughout the 9 pay bands. Individual pay is based on responsibilities, position-related qualifications, experience and performance in concert with college/unit guidelines

Applicants are advised to review current job postings  for further information.

Supervisors should confer with their college/unit HR representative for specific pay data on any job classification and see Classifying Positions, Titles and Salaries (authorization required)

Staff have many opportunities for performance-based pay advancement  including: Merit Salary Improvement Programs, Position Enhancement, Promotions and Variable Pay.

Also see:

  • Career Navigator for more information about the job family matrix and pay ranges by job title.  
  • Career Areas for descriptions of Cornell's job families


Please note:  access to pages in sidebar menu require authorization; please contact Compensation Services for more information.