Updates - Report Improvements

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dashboard & Trending Updates

In addition to adding 2 new reports to this collection we have also expanded access to include Administrative Managers and Management Partners.  Each of the reports were reviewed and brought into alignment to provide consistency.  

NEW - Headcount by Department

NEW - Headcount by Department - With Prompts

Headcount by Age Group

Headcount by Age Group - With Prompts

Headcount by Gender

Headcount by Gender - With Prompts

Headcount by Job Family Group

Headcount by Job Family Group - With Prompts

Staffing Movement by Supervisory Organization and Date Range

We have been working to improve business process transaction reporting for campus users.  This report is the first step toward what we hope will be much improved access. The highlight of this report is that it solves the issues surrounding campus view access to Transfers, Terminations, and End Additional Jobs all of which have proven elusive on the other business process transaction reports for campus users.

*Time Blocks by Supervisory Organization and Date Range

This new Time Tracking report is designed to now provide time block data for positions that are no longer a part of your organization. Whether that be the result of a termination or transfer, if the time was "punched" while the work was done in your organization the results will return on this report. This does not return time blocks for supervisory organizations which have been inactivated, we are continuing to work on this unique scenario. We will be working on expanding on this success to get this same functionality expanded to time off and possibly incorporated into other existing time tracking reports.

CU Interim Pay Report Compare Current Completed  to Last Completed

An issue was identified in CU Interim Pay Report Compare Current Completed  to Last Completed and CU Interim Pay Report Compare Current In Progress to Last Completed that resulted in bad results being returned. The issue was related to calculated field operations that drive the reports. This has since been resolved. We are aware that these reports are not working well in multiple job, cross company, cross pay group scenarios. We are working on a fix for this.


We recently added a Generation field to several reports. This field was developed with guidance from the team supporting the HR Dashboards. They recently requested an update to this field to better align the generations with standard research guidelines. We updated the year range associated to Millennials, Centennials and changed Centennials to be Generation Z.