Updates - More report changes to share

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our minimum wage verification reports have been updated to include the rates that will be effective 12/31/2018.  As in the past we will be working with the Student Employment Office to advance all hourly student positions to the new minimum wage.  If you have large numbers of changes and would like to discuss doing this via EIB (mass load) please let us know as soon as possible.

 Hourly Workers Under Min Wage

Exempt Workers Under Min Wage

Hourly Student Workers Under Min Wage

IDS - Job Postings

If you are a Senior HR Partner using the IDS reports in Workday to do analysis we have made some enhancements to this report for more in depth analysis.  Included in the changes are a prompt to select the job requisition status and 3 additional fields.  The fields are Job Requisition Status, Job Requisition Close Reason, and Close Date.  Adding these fields will now provide the ability to determine why and went job requisitions were closed without being filled.

Terminated Workers with Vacation Balances by Supervisory Organization

Yesterday we delivered a  new report to Workday after several requests this year.  Terminated Workers with Vacation Balances by Supervisory Organization will return all vacation balances remaining on terminated workers both exempt and non-exempt.  The trend we are seeing is that these are balances remaining on amounts over vacation buyouts (VBO) and others in situations where a  VBO was not needed.  The best practice would be to zero out these balances after verifying that no payments were missed.  The risk here with the remaining balance is if one of these workers were to return to the University the remaining balance would carry forward to an eligible position.

Business Process Transactions by Supervisory Org reports

Early this week we added supervisory organization code (department) fields to all versions of these reports (Initiated, Effective, Completed Date Range).  This allows you to view the current and proposed values based on the transactions requested in the report prompts.