Updates - Comments, Service Awards, and more

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Service Awards

The report, Service Awards, supporting service award recipients for FY19 has been updated in Workday.


For quite sometime, comments on reports have caused us some pain as they were only viewable by very specific roles.  Workday has now provided us with a new report field secured in such away that HR roles can now view the comments associated with transactions.  Reports we have added this new field to include All Worker Time Off with Comments,  Compensation Changes Report - Allowances , and Compensation Changes Report.  We will work to incorporate this in additional reports as feedback and time allows.

Compensation Change reporting

Compensation Changes Report and Compensation Changes Report - Allowances are now available in Workday.  These report replace the existing Workday report which we couldn't edit. As the names state, one of these reports is specific to wage changes while the other is specific to allowance based compensation changes.

Costing Override Ending within Date Range

This report is designed to return costing allocations/overrides where the end date is within the the date range selected. If no end date is entered the costing allocation/override is excluded. This report should allow you to validate future costing allocation/overrides and their end dates.

Costing Allocations

Over the next few weeks we are working toward expanding on Custom Report by Category. The one major addition planned will be a new listing of reports that contain our report tag of Costing Allocations.  This will be an indicator that the reports listed are either entirely based on costing allocations or have costing allocations included as part of the data returned.

Behind the scenes the Integrations & Data Delivery team is busy getting ready for supporting year end, updating minimum wage, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting to name some.  We are also invloved in several ongoing integration builds over the next few months. AwardCo spot awards, Qualtrics Exit Survey,  the new environmental, health and safety (EH&S) platform Cority, and moving SkillSoft and select E-Cornell courses into CULearn.