Workday Time Tracking

Coming January 4, 2018

Implementation of the new Workday time-and-attendance system continues with a new go-live date set for Jan. 4, 2018. Workday Time Tracking will replace Kronos – the system currently used by approximately 12,000 nonexempt, biweekly staff and student employees to manage time worked and time off.

The Workday Time Tracking (WDTT) time and attendance system is part of the larger Workday system that manages a variety of employee information, such as benefit elections, pay slips, tax information, exempt employees’ time off and internal job postings.

That means it will have a familiar look and feel that aligns with the Workday views employees see during onboarding, performance reviews and benefits open enrollment.

How To Use Workday Time Tracking

 How To Enter Time Worked:    Guide (PDF)    Video

How To Request Time Off:     Guide (PDF)         Video

Using The Time Clock:    Guide (PDF)       Video


Managers: See "Approving Time for Hourly Employees

Improved features for hourly employees include:

  • The ability to request time off in the future and to project time off balances
  • One timecard for all positions held on campus
  • A one-stop shop for all of your personal data, benefits and time-and-attendance information.

Additional benefits for managers include:

  • One system for your entire team, including a monthly calendar view of all requested and approved time off
  • The ability to approve multiple time off requests all at once
  • New hires will immediately have access to their time card
  • The ability to proactively delegate time card and time off approvals.

The WDTT implementation team includes members from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Division of Financial Affairs, Cornell Information Technologies, Division of Human Resources, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cutover to WDTT was initially planned for the beginning of the fall semester, but was delayed to ensure ample time for testing and training. Implementation is going well – more than 100 employees, managers, and student employees have tried the new tool and clocks with positive comments including, “Simple, straightforward, easy to navigate;” and “As a manager I can see everyone’s time off – super.”

Training will roll out locally for both hourly employees and managers, first to those who will be providing WDTT support, and then to all users before the end of the year.