FAQ for Employees

A list of Frequently asked questions (FAQ) is available here  to complement existing Workday training and tutorials for employees. How to Use the FAQ Workday FAQ are arranged by subject area in the menu below. If you still don’t see your question or answer on these pages, see the Workday Support page for further assistance. Note: In the upper right-hand corner of this page (and every page), you may optionally search for keywords that apply not just to the FAQs but to the entire Workday site. 

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Time Entry FAQs

Enter Time

How often should I enter worked hours into my Workday timesheet?

Employees should input their hours every day they work, to ensure accuracy.

When should I SUBMIT my timesheet to my manager for approval?

Our best practice recommendation is that employees SUBMIT their timesheet for approval weekly instead of once at the end of the payperiod.  However, please defer to your local unit best practice guidelines.

Where is the SAVE button?

Time is auto-saved as it is entered.  Do not use the SUBMIT button to save your time. We recommend that you click Submit once each week when you have finished entering your time (ex. for the first payperiod week) and are ready for your manager to approve the time to be paid.

What happens in Workday when I work overtime?

Workday automatically calculates overtime hours based upon the employee's job and applicable contract. Overtime hours will display at the top of the employee's Workday timesheet as the hours are entered.  

Can I revise my timesheet?

Yes, if the revision is within the current payperiod, select the time block you want to correct and make the necessary corrections, or click ‘Delete’ to erase the time block completely. Then SUBMIT the revised time for your manager’s approval.   

If the revision is for a previous pay period, your manager (or timekeeper) will need to submit the change on your behalf for the adjustment to be reflected on your paycheck.

What time type should I use?

View a complete list of the various time types.

How do I enter time if I have multiple positions?

When you enter a block of time in your timesheet, select the appropriate job from the “Positions” dropdown menu in the window. Students should make sure they are not entering time on the default Cornell Student position.  Note: If you are unsure of which position to select, click on the Multiple Jobs link in the helptext at the top of the time entry page.

What are the rules for meal periods at Cornell?

For staff members: See the HR webpage on Meal Periods and Rest Break.

For students: See the Meal Period policy on the Student Employment website.

Employees are responsible for knowing the meal policy and for taking a full 30-minute lunch break and/or 20-minute dinner break, when applicable. If work interferes with a meal break, inform your supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for informing new employees of Cornell's policies and enforcing these rules.

If an ongoing workload issue is interfering with meal periods, it needs to be escalated to local pay reps who can discuss the matter with labor relations when necessary.

Currently, employees can clock in before the full 30-minute break; the system will prompt a soft warning regarding the NYS meal break regulations. Enter a comment to indicate why you are not using your 30-minute break.

Can my supervisor make changes to my timesheet?

Yes. Both your manager and your ‘timekeeper’ can make changes to your timesheet, even after you have submitted it.

Requesting Time Off

How does Workday display time off (vacation, health & personal) balances?

Accruals are granted at the end of the payperiod, rather than daily.  Balances show the accrued time minus the number of hours or days that have been used during the relevant period. If looking at time off balance as of a future date, the balance reflects any future days off that have been approved.  

How do I enter time off on my timesheet?

You cannot enter time off directly on your timesheet.  It is entered in a different view, accessed by either clicking Enter Time > Request Time Off in the lower left-hand corner of the timesheet or by clicking on the Time Off icon on the homepage. Once time off requests are submitted, they will display on the top of your timesheet.

How do I request a vacation or health and personal day for part of a day?

  • First, enter all of your time worked for that day.  
  • Then determine the difference between your typical daily total (ex. 7.8 hours) and your time worked (ex. 4.5 hours).  Note: Your time worked is displayed on the timesheet under the specific day. 
  • Next, click Enter Time > Request Time Off in the lower left-hand corner of the timesheet screen.  Enter the difference into the Daily Quantity field on the Request Time Off screen.

When the time off is submitted, those hours will appear on your timesheet calendar.  You will also receive a Workday Notification (email) when the time off has been approved.

Can I request time off in the future?

Yes, time off can be requested and approved for a future period. . Once submitted, the number of hours and time off type will display on the timesheet for the relevant pay period.

Can I revise an approved time off request (ex. didn’t take the time off)?

If the adjustment is in the current pay period, you can make changes to an approved time off using the Correct My Time Off  or Cancel via the Time Off icon. If your time off request hasn’t been approved, you can Cancel the original request and then resubmit a new request, as needed.   If an adjustment needs to be made to a previous timesheet, then that timesheet will need to corrected and submitted to a manager for approval.

General Information

Q: What is Workday used for at Cornell?

A: As an employee, you can use Workday to view and update your personal information, tax information, and view and change your benefits elections. It is also used to enter time worked (non-exempt employees only), record time off and view your leave balances.

Q: What are the security standards of the Workday system?

A: It is human nature to be cautious about the protection and privacy of the University's information for solutions that are in the cloud. Cornell takes information security very seriously, and has not ventured into the cloud without first thoroughly vetting the security of any of our initiatives and partners. Workday uses industry best practices, and meets or exceeds the security standards that Cornell would use if we hosted this solution in our own data center.

Q: Will Workday work with any browser? Will I be able to use a Mac?

A: Yes, most browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will support Workday, and you can also access Workday from a PC or Mac.  For more detailed information see Technical Requirements.

Q: If you forget to sign out of Workday, will it be done automatically?

A: Yes, the timeout due to inactivity will be set to 15 minutes. This is the industry standard when an application includes regulated or protected data (such as compensation).

Q: What is my password?

A: Workday uses Single Sign on and thus you should use your Cornell netid password. For issues with Single Sign On, please contact the Cornell IT Service Desk.

Q: What do I do if I need to access Workday to view or change my information but don't have a computer?

A: If you do not have a computer at home or at work, you can access a computer in several places on campus (ex. Cornell's libraries or the Division of Human Resource at 130 Day Hall). If you need more assistance please contact your supervisor or your local HR office.

Q: I am trying to view or change my information in Workday but am confused. Where can I go for help?

A: We encourage you to carefully review all of the resources here on the FAQ section and under the Training section on this website (workday.cornell.edu). If you still have questions, please reach out to your training liaison or college /unit Human Resources Office for further support and guidance.


Q: How do I log in to Workday?

A: There is a login button at http://workday.cornell.edu, the Workday website. You will be prompted for you netid and password.

Q: How do I access my personal information?

A: The Home page contains worklet icons (the bubbles with icons in them) that will enable you to access information on Pay, Benefits, Time Off and Personal Information. You can also click on your name in the upper right hand corner of any landing page to access the Employee Profile page. It contains the above information as well as Job and Compensation information.

Q: How do I change my home address in Workday?

A:   Personal Information worklet icon > Contact Information >Edit > Click the pencil icon to edit a field or the plus icon to add information. Remember to designate the usage (e.g., mailing address). Click Submit. For further instruction, see How to Change Your Address. Note: If you are updating your home address, please make sure all dependent addresses are also correct in the system.  If the dependents address needs changing you can do so by going to your Benefits worklet icon (via All About Me), clicking on Change Dependents and clicking on the blue Edit box, scroll to Contact Information and click on pencil icon within the Primary address section and update accordingly.

Q: As a student employee, how do I change my home address?

A: As a student employee, home addresses should be updated via Student Essentials at https://studentessentials.cornell.edu. If you have further questions regarding student address changes, please email univreg@cornell.edu.

Q: What is the "..." icon used for?

A: The Related Actions  icon appears next to an object when there are actions you can take on the object you are viewing. For example, the Related Actions and Preview icon next to your name allows you to perform a variety of tasks and to view data about your worker record. Only tasks you have the access to perform will be shown.

Q: Where do I find my Inbox and what is it used for?

A: Your Inbox can be found to the right of your name in the blue Workday header bar or it is configurable on the Home page. Your Inbox will contain items that need your action or notifications related to events that impact you. You will also be able to see tasks that you have initiated (e.g., a time-off request or a change to your contact information); and to see what the status of your requests or tasks is (in-progress or successfully complete).

Q: What is the Archive tab and what is it used for?

A: The Archive tab located within your Inbox is a listing of events (transactions) you have touched (initiated, submitted or approved). It lists the name of the event, the number of days ago it was submitted and the status of the event (e.g., in progress, successfully completed). By clicking on the event, you can view other event details and allows you to view historical requests, which will indefinitely be in Workday (building from go-live and beyond).

Q: If I am looking for something and don't know the worklet icon it's in, how do I find it?

A: Enter the query in the Search field in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Q: How do I configure my Home page?

A: Please click here and access the document entitled "Introduction to Workday: Navigation and Employee Self Service."   A helpful icon you may wish to add is the Directory which contains organization related information (including charts).

Q: What if my home mailing address is different from my actual home address?

A: In Workday you can have a Primary and an Additional address. The Primary address is your mailing address.  To change your Primary or add an Additional address, please see the Change Personal Information job aid for further details.

Q: If I designate my information as Private, who can see it?

A: Information that is designated as Private on the Contact Information form is only viewable by you and a select group of Administrator roles.

Q: Will my manager be able to access my cell phone number?

A: All home contact information should have been loaded with the private flag checked, as such, your manager will not be able to view this data. However, if you choose to list your cell phone number in the system as your primary contact number, your manager will be able to view it in Workday.

Q: Can my supervisor see my personal information (e.g., dependents, retirement elections, payroll withholding, etc.)?

A: No, a Workday Manager cannot view personal information for his or her direct reports; he or she views business information only. Examples of business information include compensation salary, grade, title, hire date, and information as it pertains to your position at Cornell.

Q: Is my Social Security number (SSN) on my All About Me page?

A: Your SSN will be displayed in a few places (Benefits, W-4) within your personal information. When it is shown it is usually masked (xxx-xx-4567). SSN is visible on the W-4 form and if you have dependent's listed, their SSNs will also be visible. Beyond yourself, only a limited number of Human Resource specialist in designated roles will have access to this sensitive data.

Q: What if my location or workspace is incorrect?

A: Location and workspace are attributes associated with an employee’s position and are used in conjunction with Facilities Inventory. It indicates an employee’s physical space where they sit. An employee is not able to update their Workspace, however, it can be updated by contacting your local HR representative (Management Partner/HR Partner).

Q: What if my work address is incorrect?

A: Business Location is not your work address, but rather is a system default address associated with the job profile. This data is not changeable by you.

Alternate Work Location  is your Cornell University primary work location and can be updated by your local HR partner. This address is used for various mailings and for tax purposes.

Please refer to the Change Personal Information job aid.

Q: How do I add or change my Emergency Contacts?

A: Emergency Contacts can be added or changed from the Personal Information worklet icon on the All About Me landing page. Add: Personal Information worklet icon > Emergency Contacts > Add Emergency Contact > enter the necessary information > OK Edit: Personal Information worklet icon >Emergency Contacts >Edit button>make necessary changes – open Contact tab to change contact information > OK

Q: Will changing my marital status automatically change my benefits?

A: No, changing your marital status does not impact your benefits. To make changes in your benefit elections, use the Change Benefits business process.

Q: Under my Home Contact Information, what is the data in the "Shared With" field and does it do anything?

A: The "Shared With" field is populated from data in PeopleSoft. It identifies dependents who are in Workday in which you share the same home contact information with. It is informational only. If the individual is no longer a dependent on your insurance plan(s), you may remove the individual by navigating to your Benefits Worket>Change Dependents. By removing the dependent, the "Shared With" field will update automatically. If you have further questions related to dependents listed in Workday, please refer to the FAQ's within the Benefits section.

Q: How do I change my legal name in Workday?

A: Your legal name must be an exact match to the name on your Social Security card. To make any changes: Personal Information worklet icon >Legal Name > make necessary changes >Submit. The change will have to be approved by the HR Partner after they see the Social Security card.

Q: How do I change my preferred name in Workday?

A: Your Preferred Name is distributed to numerous other Cornell systems, including Outlook and is searchable in Workday. If you wish to update your Preferred Name, click on the Personal Information worklet icon and select Change Preferred Name. No approval is need for this action. (Note: Your Legal Name will always be displayed by default in Workday, and your preferred name will not update your legal name on your HR employment, benefits and payroll records.)

Q: What is the significance of the effective dates that I see in my Worker History and in my Contact Information?

A: The effective date, which represents when that information was last changed, comes from when that information was loaded from one of Cornell's other systems. For example, if you were moving and wanted to change your address as of a certain date, you could make that new address take effect when you actually move into your new house.

Q: What Personal Information is visible to the public?

A: Important Note: All home address information was loaded into Workday with the usage flag set to private.The general Cornell Community can see information similar to what they can see by searching your name at the cornell.edu site: your name, netID, work email address(es), work phone numbers, and campus address. Also, if you have added home information and not made it private, that information will also be visible: to make that information private, click on your contact information and make sure to select the Details option to make that field private.

Job Information

Q: Why is my job profile different from my business title?

A: Your job profile is a generic, broad name for the type of work you do. Each job profile has a job grade, EEO code, and an exempt/nonexempt status tied to it. Because a job profile is more generic, it may not match your business title, which more specifically describes the work you are performing.

Q: Who can see my specific job information?

A: Only you and those people who have a Workday support role for your organization will see your detailed job information. Everyone else will only see your business title in Workday.

Q: I am an hourly employee but I work full-time, why does my FTE show a percentage other than 100%?

A: The FTE percentage is calculated in Workday by using the numerator of your Scheduled Weekly Hours and the denominator of your Default Weekly Hour, which is set at 40 for all full time positions in Workday. Based on the Scheduled Weekly Hours listed for your position, some hourly employees may have a FTE slightly less than the typical 100%. This will not have any impact on your benefits or pay; FTE is value used in workforce reporting. 

Q: How does Workday define my co-workers in the information directory?

A: Your co-workers are determined by your supervisory organization. Co-workers listed in the directory represent the employees who also report to your Workday Manager.

Q: What academic appointment data is displayed within the graduation cap icon and where did it come from?

A: If you have an academic appointment at Cornell, you will see an additional graduation cap icon on your employee profile page. The information displayed on this page was imported from our legacy, centrally managed, APBD system. Since this academic appointment data has not been distributed widely, there may be inaccuracies. If you have questions or concerns about your academic data as viewed in Workday, please contact your local human resources office.

Q: How are multiple jobs handled in Workday?

A: Your primary job will be the primary (default) position listed in Workday. Information about all positions, including compensation information, will be kept in the system and viewable to the employee.


Q: I have questions regarding the types of benefits Cornell offers and what I am eligible for.  Where can I find help?

A: You can find all benefits information on the Benefits Administration web site https://hr.cornell.edu/benefits/

Q: How can I find out what benefits I am enrolled in, the coverage and their cost?

A: To find this information: Start with your Home page, click on the Benefits worklet icon  and then select Benefit Elections in the View menu.   The details on this page include your benefits enrollment, your coverage and the associated costs.  This view will also provide this information and include additionally any Retirement Savings Elections.

Q: Why don't see my additional life insurance under my benefits? I know I carry additional insurance for my husband and myself.

A: You may notice Workday is not displaying all of your benefit elections information. Certain benefit elections are only stored with Cornell's vendors. Examples include supplemental group life insurance, personal accident insurance and auto & home owner insurance. We encourage you to review the items on your payslip for the appropriate deductions.

Q: Can my Manager view my benefits information in Workday?

A: No, only you and the Benefits Office staff with benefits roles in Workday can view your benefits. Payroll staff will see the deductions.

Q: Can I change my benefits whenever I want (subject to eligibility and plan limitations)?

A: You may change your retirement contributions and your life insurance beneficiaries at any time. Other benefit changes require a qualifying event such as adoption, birth of a child, marriage or divorce, except during annual Open Enrollment. All benefit changes will route to a Benefits Partner in the Benefits Office for approval.

Q: When can I make changes to my benefit elections?

A: Benefit elections can be changed due to a qualifying life event. These events are: - become qualified for coverage under Medicaid or an S-Chip plan - birth/adoptive parent returns to work - birth of a child or adoption - death of a dependent - divorce - domestic partnership begins - domestic partnership terminates - employment ends for domestic partner - employment ends for spouse/dependent child - HSA savings - legal separation - marriage - qualification for coverage under Medicaid or an S-Chip plan ends - retirement savings

Q: Can I enroll in new benefit plans due to these same qualifying events?

A: No. You can only enroll in new benefit plans during the open enrollment period.

Q: How do I change my Benefit Elections?

A: On the Home page, click on the Benefits worklet icon, select the appropriate Benefit Event Type from the list, and then enter the Benefit Event Date.   Click on the Submit button. Next Steps: Click on the Open button to go to the Change Benefit Elections page.  Select your coverage, as appropriate.  Click the Continue button to move through the required pages. When complete, click Submit.  For further details about your benefits, please see various Benefits reference documents.

Q: Why don't I see my beneficiary(ies) in Workday? How can I add my Beneficiaries?

A: While it appears that you can use Workday to add beneficiary data, this task cannot and should not be performed directly in Workday. All beneficiary changes, including additions, must be updated directly with the Cornell vendors. Vendor websites can be accessed through Workday from the Benefits worklet via the External Links section.   Please contact your provider to view, add or modify your beneficiary information.

Q: How do I view or edit my Dependents?

A:  Starting on the Home page, click on the Benefits worklet icon, then click on Change Dependents , then click the Add or Edit button, as needed.  Enter the necessary information and then Submit.

Q: Why are my dependents inaccurate?

A: Dependents, as displayed in Workday, have been converted from the Peoplesoft HR/Payroll system and may contain data that is not current. You may see the names of people who are deceased or with whom you no longer have a relationship. For this we apologize, but in Workday you will be able to update this information. You may also see dependents listed in the "shared with" field on your Personal Information worklet icon>Change Home Contact Information, this data was in PeopleSoft. If the individual is no longer dependent on your insurance plan(s), you may remove the individual by navigating to your Benefits worklet icon>Change Dependents. Please Note: The dependent list is only a record of dependents you have in your family and does not necessarily reflect what insurance coverage levels you may have chosen. In Workday you can remove names of dependents who are not covered on your insurance plans, but to change your insurance coverage levels—add or remove a dependent from any coverage—you need to apply at the appropriate time, whether due to a life event or at the annual Open Enrollment period in the fall for the health and dental plans, or anytime for coverage under the voluntary life insurance plans. Please take the time now to check the dependent information for your planning purposes and our records. If you have questions please call Benefits at 607-255-3936.

Q: How do I change my Retirement Savings Elections?

A: Click on the menu icon to the left of the search box>on Home page >Benefits worklet icon>Change: Benefits>Choose Retirement Savings from the drop-down menu, enter today's date to affect the next possible paycheck (Note: It may take 1-2 pay periods to be effective). Click Submit at the bottom of page>Open>Enter the amount or percentage you would like deducted from your paycheck and which direction you would like Cornell to send your money. Click Continue>Review the elections you entered and click Submit. Set up formal account(s) specifically for the Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) on the TIAA-CREF and/or Fidelity websites to designate beneficiaries and fund allocations.  For further details and information, please refer to the Retirement Savings Job Aid.

Q: How do I change my Marital Status?

A: Click on the related actions symbol next to your name and from the list of Available Actions, scroll over Personal Data>click on Change My Personal Information. Next to the Marital Status column, click on the pencil and click on the blue prompt box. Click on the appropriate selection and click Submit. Note: Changing your Marital Status does not automatically impact your benefits.

Q: How can I access my transaction history to see when I enrolled in benefits or changed my personal data?

A: In the upper right-hand corner, click on your name and then the View Profile link under your name.  Click on the Related Actions and Preview icon to the right of your name.  Then select Benefits, View My Benefit Election History.  If you wish to see changes to your personal data (ex. address), select Personal Data and the relevant action.

Q: How do I know when my request to change benefits is approved?

A: You will receive a notification in your Workday Inbox when the approval is complete. If you did not submit documentation or provide enough information about the change, the Benefits Partner may send the request back to you with a question or comment.

Q: Do I have to wait for a qualifying event to adjust my retirement savings elections?

A: No. You can adjust your retirement savings elections at any time.

Q: Can I enroll in auto/home insurance or pet insurance at any time, or do I need to wait for open enrollment?

A: You can apply anytime by calling Mercer Voluntary Benefits at 1-800-553-4861 or by visiting the Mercer web site:  http://www.cornellvoluntarybenefits.com/

Time Off and Leaves

Q: How do I request time off? What happens after I've made the request?

A: Exempt and Non-Exempt employees will request time off using Workday. Time Off worklet icon > Time Off > enter the date(s) type, and time off requested > click Submit.The request will be routed to your supervisor (Workday manager) or their delegate for approval.  To view further details of your Time Off Requests, click on the Time Off icon>View Time Off.

Q: How will my supervisor (Workday Manager) know that I have submitted a Time Off request?

A: The supervisor will get a notification, sent to their Cornell email box and also to their Workday Inbox, with the details of the request.

Q: What happens if I submit a time off request and it is not approved?

A: If your supervisor (Workday Manager) has taken no action on a time off request it will remains in your inbox until action is taken and they days have not been recorded. In such cases, you may wish to speak with your supervisor as a follow-up.

Q: Where did my sick days go? I now see Health & Personal Leave, what is that?

A: Sick leave, health and personal time will now be combined into one leave bank, called Health and Personal Leave. The sections of University Policy 6.9, Time Away From Work, formerly known as Sick Leave, Health Care, and Personal Leave have been combined into a new section called Health and Personal Leave. The new Health and Personal Leave section is part of University Policy 6.9, Time Away From Work.

Q: Do I need to request a 'Health & Personal Leave' day after I have been out sick?

A: Sick time, now referred to as Health & Personal Leave, need to be "requested," regardless either before, during or after you are out of the office. Once the request is approved, the days are deducted from your Health & Personal Leave balance.

Q: Who has access to my Time Off balances?

A: You, your supervisor (Workday Manager), your HR representatives and a support role called the Time Off Partner are the only ones who are able to see your balances.

Q: Can I view my vacation and Health & Personal Leave accruals for future dates?

A: Yes, Workday provides users the ability to forecast accruals by adjusting the effective date to a time in the future.

Q: Will the system allow me to have a negative balance?

A: While Workday will allow negative balances to occur, you should always consult with your supervisor and/or your Human Resources representative before going into a negative balance situation.

Q: I would like to request 1 week of vacation. Do I have to make a separate request for each vacation day?

A: If you are taking multiple days off in a sequence, within the Request Time Off calendar, you may click on the first day and drag to select multiple days off. However, if you are requesting multiple days off that are not sequential, you must click on each individual day. Similarly, should your time off request cross from one week to another, (but not include the weekend), you will need to click your time off day(s) individually.

Q: Will there be a warning if my vacation or health & personal leave balances become low?

A: The system does not have this feature presently.

Q: Why am I unable to see the type of leave I would like to request?

A: Employees will only be able to view the type(s) of leave for which they are eligible.

Q: How do I fix a Time Off Request that I previously submitted?

A: If the Time Off request has not been approved, click your name in the upper right-hand corner, click on the Inbox link.  Click on the Archive tab (on the left-hand side of your screen).  Select the appropriate Time Off request (with an Overall Status of In Progress) , and click on Cancel. Note:  You must add a note in the Comments box before you click on the final Submit button.  If it has already been approved, from the Time Off worklet icon, you can use the Request a Time Off Correction to correct your original request. Click here for more details on how to cancel a Time Off Request.

Q: What is the Units Request field?

A: The Unit Request field is always DAYS for vacation and health & personal leave. Most exempt employees will take their time off in either half (.5) or full (1) day units.

Q. How do I report my time if I work a non-standard week?

A: If your full-time or part-time work week is non-standard (for example, four ten hour days) you must calculate what your day is "worth" when reporting your time off request. The calculation compares each day to a standard working day based on your appointment hours. Please use the Non Standard Work Week Calc Tool, located at the top of the Request Time Off page, to assist you.

Q: Who can I contact if my time off balances are not accurate?

A: Consult the HR representative in your department or unit. They will forward any relevant request to the Time Off Partner, should a correction be needed.


Q: Why are my Total Salary and Allowances listed much higher than what I actually earn?

A: Within your job profile, on the Compensation tab, you will see the Total Salary and Allowances field. The method used to determine the value in the Total Salary and Allowances field in Workday is not accurate for Cornell purposes. This value is greatly inflated if you receive any allowance payment. For this reason we are not currently using this field and employees should disregard the amount displayed.

Q: How do I view by base pay and allowances if the Total Salary and Base Pay is not accurate?

A: Within your job profile, on the Compensation icon, there is a section entitled Plan Assignments. The details of your base pay and your allowances, including start and end dates, will be accurately displayed here.

Q: Does my Manager have information about my compensation?

A: Yes, they do. This information is often required for forecasting and budgeting purposes.

Q: Can I view future dated changes to my compensation in the Pay Change History tab?

A: Compensation history will only display current or historical changes.

Q: Who do I contact if my compensation or allowances are not correct?

A: Please contact your college or unit Training Liaison representative for follow-up.

Q: How do I view my current paycheck?

A: You may view pay slips for any pay period for which paychecks were processed in Workday (April 11, 2013 for bi-weekly; April 15 for semi-monthly and beyond). The Payslip link, from the Home page enables you to view and print a copy of your payslip: Pay worklet icon > View Payslip.

Q: Why can't I see my paycheck? Instead there is a message 'You are currently receiving a paper copy of your payslips'?

A: You have selected a paycheck for a pay period prior to Workday. Paychecks are visible from the first time that payroll runs in Workday: e.g., exempt workers will see their paychecks for April 15 and beyond, and non-exempt workers will see their paychecks for April 11 and beyond.

Q: How do I look at my paychecks prior to the Workday go-live?

A: All checks processed in PeopleSoft will be posted on the Payroll website, on the View Your Paycheck page: http://www.dfa.cornell.edu/payrollservices/services/epay/index.cfm

Q: How do I change my withholding elections?

A: Withholding elections are changed from the Pay worklet icon on the Home page: Pay worklet icon > Withholding Elections > Complete Federal Withholding Elections > enter future effective date (withholding cannot be retroactive) > OK > fill out W-4 form > OK.

Q: Will withholding changes take effect immediately?

A: Yes, your withholding information will be updated according to the date you request in Workday. To ensure your withholding changes are reflected in your next paycheck, make sure to submit your changes by the HR/Payroll deadlines.

Q: How do I print my W-2?

A: To access your W-2 in Workday please log into Workday, on the Home page, select the Pay icon, view My Tax Documents and then select the appropriate Tax Year and then View/Print. With this feature, you can print your 2014 W-2 to file with your tax forms. Note: Former students and employees will receive a paper W-2 (if they chose not to opt out of a paper W-2) and are able to access the electronic version via Workday at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Payroll Office at 255-5194.

Q: Why isn't my Total Compensation viewable?

A: To view your total compensation, click on your name in the top right of your screen. Then, click on the View Profile link, and then the Compensation tab. There, you will see your total current compensation and additional payments called allowances.

Performance and Goals

Q: How do I begin?

A: You can access workday via the Workday Website at http://www.workday.cornell.edu.  Workday also has a mobile app available for Apple iPhone/iPad devices via the App Store and on Android devices via the Google Play Store. To start your Self-Evaluation by clicking on your picture in the upper-right hand corner, clicking on your Inbox and then on the Self-Evaluation item. You can also begin by clicking on the Performance icon on your home page, click on your review in the My Reviews section, and then click Open.

Q: Who can see my Self-Evaluation and what step?

A: Only you are able to view your responses while the Self- Evaluation is in progress.  Once you click the Submit button on the Review page the information will route to your supervisor and/or support manager for review.  At this point, if they wish, Human Resource staff and your supervisor’s supervisor are also able your responses.

Q: How do I print my Self-Evaluation?

A: Click on the print icon , in the upper right-hand corner, at any time to view a printable version of your responses. It takes a minute or two for a PDF document to be produced.  A message will appear in the upper right-handed corner of the screen once the printable PDF is generated.

Q: If I exit the review prior to completion, will it save my information?

A: Workday automatically saves your information as you move between the response fields – there is not a save button.   If you need to exit Workday part way through, when you return you will be prompted to continue where you left off.

Q: What do I do if I need to make a change after I click the Submit button? How can I access it again?

A: After you click on Submit the Performance Review is now located with your supervisor and/or support manager.  You can ask them to “Send Back” your review.  Once your revision is made, click Submit again to route it back to your supervisor.

Q: Is my position description in Workday and if so, where?

A: Cornell is in the process of transitioning position descriptions into Workday, but not all are there as of yet. Employees who wish to review their Position Description should contact their manager or HR representative to have a copy of the current position description provided.

Q: Can I attach a document to my Performance Review?

A: Currently there is not an ability to attach documents as part of your review.  You are able only able to add hyperlinks.

Q: Where is the spell-checker option?

A: There is not a spell-checker icon as part of the Workday editor tool.  However, if you have enabled the spell-checker feature on your internet browser it will denote errors as you type by underlining the word with a red line. Please contact your local IT support staff for guidance on how to enable this feature on your browser.

Q: By when do I need to complete my Self-Evaluation?

A: Timelines will vary by organizations.  Please contact or reference communications generated by your local HR representative.

Q: Where will my Performance Review be stored?

A: One of the advantages of using Workday is your completed performance reviews are easily accessible by you, your supervisor and HR. Click on the Performance worklet icon on the homepage and then view My Reviews.

Q: Where can I see my goals?

A: To view your goals as an employee click on the Performance icon and in the View section click on Goals. To view goals that you have cascaded to your team as a manager click on the Team Performance icon and in the View section click on Goals I’ve Assigned. As a manager, to just view the goals for an employee in your organization you can click on the My Team icon, then select the name of the employee you want to view, then click on the Performance tab, then select Personal Goals.

Q: How do I add a goal?

A: To add a new goal as an employee when you are in the Personal Goals screen you must first hit the Edit button. Once you do this you will then see the Add button on your screen.

Q: What is the difference between the Personal Goals, Goal Details, and Organizational Goals tabs?

A: The Personal Goals tab is where all of the goals that you create for yourself, and that your manager creates or cascades to you exist. The Goal Details tab contains all of the basic goal information from the Personal Goals tab in a table-style view. The Organization Goals tab is where goals that are set at the College or Unit level would be viewed.

Q: What is the difference between deleting a goal and marking its status as "On Hold"?

A: When handling a goal that may not be used during a given year there are two options, one is to Remove the goal. Doing this would permanently delete the goal from Workday (with no way to recover this information). Another option is to change that goal’s Status to On Hold. This moves the goal to the bottom of your Personal Goals profile tab where it can be updated in the future.  

Payroll and Tax Services

For more information on Payroll and Tax services like tax withholdings, direct deposit, and labor distribution see: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/payroll.  Foreign National information is here: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/tax/foreignnationals