Top Ten Things to Know if You're Having a Baby at Cornell

Ask any mom or dad -- being a parent is a learning process. Fortunately, you're in a great place to pursue an education. Ready to start pulling some all-nighters and cramming for Baby 101? Here's a handy cheat-sheet to help you ace having a baby at Cornell!


#1: It's never too soon to start making a plan for child care!


#2: Financial assistance for child care is available

  • The application period for the Cornell Child Care Grant Program is during the month of September each year. Contact
  • Sign up for a Dependent Care Account to set aside pre-tax money to assist with childcare costs. Contact Benefits for enrollment deadlines.


#3: Cornell supports breastfeeding mothers

  • Contact or visit the website.
  • The Cornell Plan for Healthy Living and the Contract College Empire Health Insurance plans both cover the cost of select breastpumps.
  • There are over 35 designated spaces to pump across campus and many additional temporary locations available.
  • Consultations are available for schedule adjustments to accommodate pumping.


#4: You're not alone! Connect with other Cornell parents.

Consider joining a Cornell Parent e-list to connect with other parents. There are several specific lists for parents with children under age six, parents with school-age children, and for selling/buying child-related items. 

• parents-k12-L – information related to parenting school-aged children (no classifieds permitted). To join, email: with “Join” in the subject 

• parents-undersix-L – information related to parenting children under the age of six (no classifieds permitted). To join, email: with “Join” in the subject 

• parents-classifieds-L – buy, sell, or exchange child-related items (restrictions apply, see guidelines). To join, email: with “Join” in the subject 


#5: Diapers aren't the only things changing - so is your schedule!

Your local human resources representative and the staff in Medical Leaves Administration are available to answer questions about Cornell's parental leave policy, short-term disability, FMLA, and return-to-work plans that may require schedule adjustments.


#6: Remember to review your benefits

If you plan to add your child to any of your benefits, specific deadlines apply for endowed and contract college employees. Contact HR Services and Transition Center at


#7: Stay on track!

Tenure-track faculty are given an automatic pause to the tenure clock process. Faculty may also apply to the Faculty Dependent Care Travel Fund to assist with eligible caregiving expenses during career-related travel.


#8: Don't forget to take care of yourself


#9: Sign up for a free parenting workshop


#10: Family matters at Cornell

This is an exciting (and possibly overwhelming) time in your life!

If you have questions/concerns, or would like to know about other on- and off-campus resources, contact Work/Life at