Environmental Wellbeing

Resources to help you make a positive impact on the quality of your work and home environments, community, and the world where we all live.

Actions To Make A Difference

aerial view of cornell with cayuga lake on spectacular fall day​​Sustainability Programs

Want to become more sustainable?  Need ideas about where to start?  Check out some of Cornell's initiatives:


Get Involved

Little changes make a big impact.  Get involved at home and on campus in a variety of ways:


Stay informed about campus sustainability events and initiatives.



Environmental Resources

closeup of trillium flowerEnvironmental Resources

Commuter Services - Transportation Services provides access to several support services to ensure that faculty, staff, and students can make it to campus—and back home again.

Sustainable Transportation Options  

Cornell Sustainable Campus Resources - Everyone plays a role in creating a sustainable campus, community, and world. Get started on the path to sustainability.

Cornell Botanic Gardens - Beautiful walking paths, educational programs, classes, and more.

NatureRx @Cornell - This growing movement is based on the premise of that time spent in nature is therapeutic and contributes to personal wellbeing. Explore Cornell’s beautiful natural areas!  

Cornell Cooperative Extension - Offers educational programming and services to support sustainability and environmental wellbeing.  Visit your county information at:

Flexible Work Arrangements - Integrate the use of workplace flexibility to reduce carbon emissions and save on gas costs.

Cornell Wellness - Offers environmentally-conscious cooking demos and events.


Work Environment

man wearing Cornell EHS vest


Environmental Health and Safety - Environmental Health and Safety is dedicated to preserving the health, safety, and environment of the Cornell community.

Flexibility in the Workplace - Flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and compressed schedules, can reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and support the university’s sustainability goals. Cornell encourages a culture of flexibility that is aligned to the department and individual needs. Consultations available. 

Virtual Meeting Options and Resources  -  Zoom is a web and video conferencing service that provides the ability to have virtual meetings and host and participate in webinars. Featuring polling, breakout rooms, and a wide variety of audio options, Zoom is provided free of charge to all employees. it.cornell.edu/zoom

Staff Sustainability Champions  -  Champions exemplify Cornell’s commitment to sustainability by showing leadership or initiative to catalyze sustainable change with actions big and small. Any staff member, at any level of the university, can be nominated and recognized.