Working at Other U.S. Locations

Resources for Cornell employees working off-campus and across the country.  


Onboarding Tips

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►FORM I-9  

Make sure your I-9 form is properly certified and submitted. Federal law requires verification of original, unexpired documents that establish identity and employment eligibility; a list of acceptable documents can be found on page 3 of the form. The I-9 must be certified and submitted within three business days of your start date. Contact the HR Services & Transitions Center (607-255-3936; TTY: 711) for help submitting your I-9.



Eligible employees should schedule a video or telephone benefits consultation before their first day  on the job. Contact the HR Services & Transitions Center (607-255-3936; TTY: 711).  If you will be enrolling dependents in your healthcare plans or benefits, check this list of documentation to gather.



Do you need help setting up network access or other technology to accomplish your work remotely? Coordinate with your supervisor to make sure everything is in order before your first day of work.






Telecommuting Guide for Cornell Faculty and Staff: guide to data security from Cornell IT



The Cornell Remote Employee Network  is a group specifically for employees who work remotely at least occasionally.  It is intended to be used for sharing of resources, practices, technologies, etc. and discussion of experiences.  The network will support employees who desire to expand their professional network.